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The Eviscerator is an Imperial Star Destroyer that serves as the flagship of Admiral Garrick Versio.


The Eviscerator is a standard Imperial Star Destroyer that serves as the flagship of Admiral Garrick Versio, the Hero of Vardos and commanding officer of Inferno Squad.

The Eviscerator first appears in The Battle of Endor, where it remains behind after the Imperial fleet, under Vice Admiral Sloane's orders, retreats as Inferno Squad evacuates Endor on the Corvus. Garrick orders Iden to come to him aboard the Eviscerator, which jumps to hyperspace to Vardos. There, at the beginning of The Dauntless, Iden receives her first orders from her father in preparation of Operation: Cinder.

The Eviscerator appears in The Storm alongside the Dauntless, overseeing the deployment of climate disruption arrays above Vardos. Iden confronts her father aboard the Eviscerator in protest, but Garrick reestablishes his authority over Iden and orders the activation of the satellites before reminding Iden of her orders to retrieve and extract Protectorate Gleb.

The Eviserator is later tracked to Bespin in Under Covered Skies but is able to escape before Iden and Del Meeko can capture Garrick Versio and Gideon Hask. Nevertheless, they are able to take out part of Garrick Versio's Imperial fleet.

The Eviscerator attacks the Corvus in Until Ashes. Iden crash lands her X-wing on the Star Destroyer and confronts her father on the bridge of the Eviscerator one last time, pleading him to come with her. However, the admiral refuses to leave, pleading with his daughter to go out and live, and goes down with his ship, which crashes on Jakku, adding to the Graveyard of Giants. Iden escapes the Eviscerator aboard an escape pod before it crashes.



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