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This page is about the unit exclusively found in Ewok Hunt. For the Rebel Infiltrator unit, see Ewok Hunter.

"As an Ewok, your hunter's instinct and familiarity with the moon will give you an advantage over the Empire. Retake the forest!"
— Ewok spawn screen

The Ewok is a unit in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II available only in Ewok Hunt. A variation of the Ewok, the Ewok Hunter, serves as the Infiltrator for the Rebel Alliance and can be used in other modes.


The Ewok is a rather frail unit when compared to other in-game units, but comes with a number of advantages when in the Ewok Hunt gamemode.

The Ewok's Hunter's Instincts ability reveals where enemies are and highlights their footprints, making tracking them easier. Hunter's Instincts also highlights enemies differently based on how much health they have, red for injured troopers, and yellow for enemies with more health.

Wisties Pouch damages and slows down enemies caught within the swarm of Wisties, making it easier to catch up to any Stormtroopers attempting to flee while also forcing groups to scatter in fear of losing permanent health.

Valiant Horn works well when launching a direct attack, as the horn sound can cause panic in Stormtroopers while giving the Ewok more survivability with high damage reduction and more damaging spear attacks. This gives the Ewok a better chance of inflicting permanent damage to Stormtroopers or outright kill them.



Ewoks come with the natural advantage of being able to see better in the dark compared to Stormtroopers, who are forced into first-person and must depend on flashlights in order to be able to see at all. Their small size also helps in moving unseen and hiding in the environment. The Ewok can also utilize huts around the map in order to relocate to the walkways above, in order to set up for a devastating airborne spear attack that deals enough damage to instantly kill any unfortunate Stormtrooper hit by it. Using this attack, however, does come with the risk of missing, in which the Ewok will briefly struggle to pull the spear out of the ground and becomes vulnerable to any Stormtroopers aware of it there.

The Hunter's Instincts ability highlights Stormtroopers along with their footprints, making it easy for an Ewok to find enemies and allies while also being able to differentiate weakened Stormtroopers from others with more health. With the long duration and short cooldown of the ability, the Ewok should make a habit of keeping Hunter's Instincts on in order to know where its enemy is at all times. When moving in for an attack, if Stormtroopers are grouped up with each other the Wisties Pouch works well in dispersing them, as they can quickly make the Stormtroopers lose permanent health if they neglect getting out of the swarm. Wisties also work well in slowing down Stormtroopers attempting to flee and can help Ewoks in catching up with them. The Valiant Horn ability is loud but provides the Ewok with a higher chance of lasting longer and dealing permanent damage with its 50% damage reduction and increased damage that it grants.


Despite its strengths, the Ewok is very frail when it comes to fighting head-on. With only 80 health available to it, the Ewok is not very difficult to kill and must rely on stealth, teamwork with other Ewoks, and separating its enemies in order to take out Stormtroopers. Without the help of its Valiant Horn ability, the Ewok's spear does a measly 20 damage to the front, meaning that the Ewok should only ever attack from behind if it wants to deal more considerable damage without the use of its horn. Using the horn buff before engaging alerts Stormtroopers to your presence nearby, as the horn is very loud and leaves the Ewok virtually defenseless for a few seconds. The Ewok can also be spotted by Stormtroopers if they are illuminated by a flashlight, marking them on enemy scanners for all Stormtroopers nearby. If this is to happen the Ewok should attempt to make an escape in any nearby huts, as they will take the Ewok away from the area and to higher ground in order to prepare for any new attacks.

Health and Movement[]

Health Statistics for Ewok
Base Health 80
Health Regen Rate 30 health/sec
Regen Delay 6 sec


Weapon Image SWBFII EwokSpear Icon
Damage 20
60 (Rear)
SWBFII Ewok Ability Horn Icon Valiant Horn ability
Increases damage to
80 (Rear)

Weapon Image SWBFII EwokSpearAirborne Icon
Damage 200


Ability Icon SWBFII Ewok Ability Wisties Icon
In-game Description The Ewok throws a pouch of Wisties. These ally firesprites and fierce defenders of their forest moon burst out of the pouch on impact, disrupting and burning nearby stormtroopers.
Damage 10 damage per second
5 damage per 0.5 seconds
  • Slows down targets
  • Deals damage
Ability Cooldown 35 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Ewok Ability Instincts Icon
In-game Description The Ewok draws upon their natural hunting ability allowing them to better see their prey at night.
  • Highlights targets
  • Highlights footprints
Ability Duration 40 seconds
Ability Cooldown 10 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Ewok Ability Horn Icon
In-game Description The Ewok blows into a traditional horn that inspires him, giving him damage resistance and improving his attacks for a short time.
  • +20 to Spear attacks
  • Grants 50% damage reduction to the Ewok
Ability Duration 10 seconds
Ability Cooldown 20 seconds

In-game Hints[]

"Ewoks can track their prey using their HUNTER'S INSTINCT ability"
— First hint
"The Ewok's HUNTER'S INSTINCT will show sprinting and stationary stormtroopers better"
— Second hint
"Ewoks can attack from the trees and deal deadly blows to careless stormtroopers"
— Third hint
"Use your WISTIES POUCH to scatter gathered stormtroopers around and pick them out one by one"
— Fourth hint
"After blowing into the VALIANT HORN, the Ewok will be able to sustain more damage than usual"
— Fifth hint
"The VALIANT HORN will increase the Ewok's damage to be able to kill stormtroopers easily"
— Sixth hint


  • This unit used to only be available in Ewok Hunt, and only after the player has died as a stormtrooper, or is chosen to be one of the first two Ewoks.
  • Ewoks can be seen in the background on Endor.