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"The Empire reels from the humiliating defeat at the Battle of Endor. As night falls, the Imperial survivors are about to learn that their Ewok nightmare has only just begun..."
— In-game Description

Ewok Hunt is a 20 player game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that was added in the Night on Endor Update. It pits Ewoks against a team of Imperial stormtroopers who are awaiting their morning extraction off Endor. As of the Elite Corps Update, Ewok Hunt is a permanent game mode under the Operations tab.



"As an Ewok, your hunter's instinct and familiarity with the moon will give you an advantage over the Empire. Retake the forest!"
— Ewok spawn screen

In this mode, player-controlled Ewoks are trying eliminate a team of Imperial Stormtroopers before their extraction shuttle arrives. The mode begins with two players as Ewoks, and the rest as Stormtroopers. As Stormtroopers are eliminated, they will respawn as Ewoks, slowly increasing the odds of winning in their favor.

Ewoks have access to three unique abilities:

  • A throwable pouch that bursts into a swarm of fireflies (Wisties) that follow and deal damage over time to nearby Stormtroopers.
  • A horn that, when sounded, increases all damage dealt by the player for a short duration, but causes very audible noise and leaves the player immobile until the animation has finished.
  • "Hunter's Instincts", that highlights nearby Stormtroopers as bright red silhouettes (even through surfaces) and also highlights their footprints.

Additionally, besides being in third-persion view, Ewok players have an easier time navigating the Ewok Village map since they have different, brighter map lighting than the Stormtroopers. Traps and Ewok huts are highlighted for Ewoks; ewok players can also run into the huts to access the bridges and walkways above.

Galactic EmpireEdit

"As an Imperial Stormtrooper, your superior gear and numbers should make surviving until the morning's extraction a trivial concern."
— Stormtrooper spawn screen

The Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers are in complete darkness, relying on their weapon's flashlights and the environmental light provided by Ewok torches and the fires scattered around the map. Each Stormtrooper starts with a standard E-11 and 200 HP, however, their only ability is to turn on/off their weapon's flashlight, which periodically requires to be cooled down. Additionally, any health lost to an Ewok's primary weapon will not regenerate.

The Stormtroopers are not completely without assets, however; throughout the map, special weapon caches can be found which allow players to exchange their E-11 for a DLT-19 with an unlimited flashlight battery and an Incendiary Grenade that provides light and burns Ewoks that get caught inside.

It takes an average of seven minutes for the extraction shuttle to arrive. In that time, the Stormtroopers must stand their ground and work together as a team to fend off the increasing number of Ewoks with the dwindling amount of teammates that remain. They must also avoid any traps that are scattered throughout the map, which can be triggered by walking through a knee-high trip wire. The traps deal 100 HP of damage. Once the time limit has been reached and the shuttle arrives, the landing site will be highlighted on the map, and all surviving Stormtroopers must make their way to the extraction point. When the shuttle lands, the Stormtroopers have 10 seconds to board it before it departs. If the player does not board the shuttle in the alotted time, they will not be credited as having survived despite not being lost to the forest.

The Another Night on Endor Update will bring a reworked[1] Ewok Hunt.

Playable mapsEdit

Endor Ewok Villages

Ewok Hunt can be played on the following maps:


  • This is the only game mode that features Ewoks as playable characters.
  • This is the only game mode where the map lighting is different for each side.
  • This is the only game mode that restricts players to first-person view.
  • In-game brightness settings are locked for this mode.
  • The sole map that Ewok Hunt is played is an updated version of the Survivors of Endor map from DICE's Star Wars Battlefront


General Grievous Update

  • Fixed an issue with the Timed Challenge "HUTAR! HUTAR!" not tracking progression.

Elite Corps Update

  • Ewok Hunt has been made a permanent game mode instead of a limited-time mode.

August Patch

  • Ewok Hunt has been added back to the game
  • Fixed an issue where Stormtroopers were unable to board the shuttle

Hero Starfighters Update

  • Fixed an issue where the "DEFEAT" prompt would be triggered when reaching the shuttle while the overtime was less than 10 seconds away from ending the match

Han Solo Season Update

  • Permanently added to LTM rotation.

Friday, May 4, 2018

  • Re-added to LTM rotation until Monday, May 7, 2018.

Saturday, April 26, 2018

  • Re-added to LTM rotation until Monday, April 30, 2018.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

  • Removed from limited-time mode (LTM) rotation.

Night on Endor Update

  • Added.


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