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Explosive Shot is a Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront.


Temporarily supercharges your blaster to fire explosive bolts.

Explosive Shot is a Charge Card that allows players to increase their blaster's damage, making it powerful like firing grenades.

Once activated, a orange outline appears around the blaster's overheating line. Once the active time for the star card ends, the red outline disappears, and the original damage the blaster puts out is returned to normal.

When Explosive Shot is active, it will decrease the amount of shots that your blaster requires to overheat.


The Explosive Shot Charge Card works best when combined with fast firing weapons such as the A280C, DLT-19, RT-97C.

Do not use Explosive Shot if you are using a slower firing weapon such as the E-11 or DL-44. It will not help you at all and put you at a disadvantage.

Beware, like the Bowcaster, if you shoot with Explosive Shot in close proximity, there is a chance that you can commit suicide.