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Extraction is a game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II that involves a Rebel team attempting to extract a precious shipment while Imperial forces try to stop them.

In Battlefront II, Extraction was added as its own game mode as part of The Han Solo Season, but it was eventually merged with Strike in the Cooperation Update.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]


Extraction in Star Wars Battlefront II was added as its own game mode as part of the second Han Solo Season Update, but it was eventually merged with the game mode Strike in the Cooperation Update. The Rebels must escort a shipment through three checkpoints within a certain amount of time, starting with five minutes, eventually reaching the final extraction point, while the Galactic Empire must try and stop them. It is very similar to the Extraction mode featured in the previous game, though it does not feature heroes.

Each time the shipment reaches a checkpoint, the clock resets to five minutes, which is unlike the previous game where doing so would add five minutes to the remaining time. This caps each game of Extraction to 15 minutes. In addition, movement of the shipment is no longer based on interacting with the shipment, but instead players' proximity to it.

To begin movement of the shipment, the Rebel team must stand next to it without Imperial soldiers in close proximity. In order to stop the shipment, the Imperials must eliminate every Rebel standing by it.

If Rebels and Imperials are fighting around the shipment, it is considered contested and remains in place. If the shipment is contested when time runs out, the game goes into overtime and remains so until the Empire is in complete control of the shipment or the Rebels are able to repel the Imperials long enough to reach another checkpoint.

Although heroes are no longer present, special units are available to use with Battle Points that provide some extra firepower.

Extraction was merged with the game mode Strike in the Cooperation Update, combining the map playlists of both modes into the one Strike mode.


Tatooine - Jabba's Palace Battlefront II 2

Jabba's Palace

Extraction can be played on the following maps:


Cooperation Update

  • Extraction map playlist combined with Strike and removed as a separate game mode.

General Grievous Update

  • Fixed an issue where the positions of best players in the End-of-round screen would show up in an irregular order.
  • The player with the highest score will now be in the middle, and the player with the 2nd highest score will be on the left.

Han Solo Season Update 2

  • Added.

Star Wars Battlefront[]


"We need to get the shipment safely to the extraction point. Stay close to it and keep it moving."
— Rebel announcer

The Rebels must escort the shipment through three checkpoints, labeled A, B, and C, before time runs out. The match timer starts with five minutes, with additional time being added after reaching a checkpoint.

The Imperials must try to prevent the shipment from reaching the final checkpoint, Checkpoint C. At the start of the match, the shipment tram is deactivated. If the Rebels activate the tram (done so by interacting with one of the tram buttons), the shipment begins moving. If the Imperials deactivate the tram (done in a similar way), the shipment stops moving until the Rebels can reactivate the tram. If time runs out while the shipment is still moving, the game runs into overtime until the shipment reaches another checkpoint or the tram is stopped by the Empire. The shipment has a squad shield which can be activated or deactivated by either team. If the shipment is stopped on a slope, it will slowly slide down it. The shipment will also destroy all turrets and shields in its path.

The ability to play as heroes is rewarded after passing through certain checkpoints. For the Rebels, a hero pick-up spawns at the beginning of the match and after passing through Checkpoint A and B. For the Empire, a hero pick-up spawns after the Rebels pass through Checkpoints B and C. Two heroes from each side can be on the field at once, a total of four heroes potentially on the field.

The Imperials receive a bonus score at the end of the match if they stop the shipment before the last checkpoint. The earlier the checkpoint, the higher the bonus score. If the Rebels reach Checkpoint C, a cutscene plays with a Rebel transport taking off.

Extraction was added as part of the Outer Rim Update and can be played by those who own the Outer Rim expansion pack, but cannot be played outside of the expansion.

An offline version of this game mode incorporated into the training mission was also planned but was cancelled at one point in development for unknown reasons. Dataminers found an incomplete offline extraction.


Star Wars Battlefront DICE Loading Screen - Jabba's Palace

Jabba's Palace

Extraction can be played on the following maps:


Rogue One: Scarif Update

  • The shipment will now destroy any medical droid placed in its path.
  • Resolved issues that could cause the player to get stuck in the hero selection screen.

Bespin Update

  • Improved the button call out on the Shield & Shipment controls. Before they could appear visible when they weren't usable.

May 2016 Update

  • The duration timer would be decreased by half when standing close to the shipment in the game mode Extraction. Now it's only the charge card cooldown that is decreased by half when standing close to the shipment.

Outer Rim Update

  • Added.