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The following article/section contains information about mods or modded content, and is not considered to be canon.

The Fake Console is a command system incorporated into the PC version of Pandemic Studios' Star Wars: Battlefront II in the 1.3 Patch. It only appears in the pause menu during a mission you are playing. To activate, pause the game (Default for PC: Esc) then click Fake Console and it appears as a selection table. If you are not hosting the game online, using Fake Console will cause your game to crash.

List of Fake Console Commands

Feel free to edit the following section guys. I got a slight problem with my BF2 and all my buttons and text are black and I can't see them. Continue to add the commands of the Fake Console, Actual Name ONLY. Please do not remove this box. Thanks!
  • Unending Map
  • disallowed team 1 spawn
  • disallowed team 2 spawn
  • enemy AI follow
  • friendly AI follow
  • friendly AI teleport
  • enemy AI teleport
  • set classic conquest for battlefront 1
  • infinite Ammo
  • friends for team 1 and 2
  • snap camera
  • jedi jump for units
  • normal jump for units
  • moon jump for units
  • units run faster
  • units run slow motion
  • units run normal
  • make jet pack as long like moon jump
  • lock vehicles for team 1 or 2
  • unlock vehicles for team 1 or 2
  • do not crash
  • force third view
  • deny cp capture
  • force humans into team 1
  • death match
  • the awards cheats
  • more to come