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"Working on his uncle Owen's moisture farm, Luke Skywalker longed for a life beyond the dusty horizons of Tatooine. His adventure would take off after the fateful purchase of two droids and a violent encounter with a band of Tusken Raiders, ultimately introducing Luke to old Ben Kenobi."
— In-game description

Farmboy is a formerly Event, now Legendary appearance for Luke Skywalker in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is unlocked by completing the "It's Not Impossible" milestone: eliminating 5,000 enemies as any Light Side hero. Previously, the Farmboy appearance could only be obtained in a special event that started October 16, where players had to eliminate 150 AI enemies in Co-Op as part of the "It's Not Impossible" timed challenge. The challenge returned on December 20, where players had to hit 20 enemies with Repulse.


This skin is based on Luke Skywalker's iconic garbs he wore in A New Hope when he still lived on Tatooine as a moisture farmer and later when he infiltrated the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia.


  • Similar to the Princess appearance for Leia Organa, the Farmboy appearance cannot be bought with credits or crystals but instead can only be obtained in a special event in October.
  • Farmboy is the second ever Event appearance.
  • The special event was originally scheduled to run from October 11-18, but was postponed.
  • The Battle on Scarif Update created the Farmboy milestone, the challenge of eliminating 5,000 enemies as Luke Skywalker, which, upon completion, unlocked the Farmboy appearance, although the challenge requirements were later changed to eliminating 5,000 enemies as any Light Side hero as part of the May 28th Patch.


May 28th Patch

  • Changed Milestone requirements to 5000 kills as any Light Side Hero.

Battle on Scarif Update

  • Added a specific milestone so that the Appearance can be earned after obtaining 5,000 eliminations with 5,9.

Cooperation Update

  • Added.