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501st Journal: Felucia- Heart of DarknessEdit

It's been said that the Five-Oh-First got the best of the war. We also got the worst. On Felucia the Seps dug their metal heels into the muck of that alien hellhole and dared the Republic to come in after them. So we did, only to be met with the month after month of flesh-eating diseases, shrieking nocturnal predators, and other sights that haunt me to this day. Cut off and for all we knew abandoned by our superiors, our only hope was Aayla Secura, our Jedi commander. Without her iron will, none of us would have come out of that mess with our sanity, or our lives. When her death came, I hope it was quick. She earned that much.



From your commanding officer:

1.) "Our forward unit is under attack by some kind of creatures. Get up there and give them some support!"

2.) "This AT-TE is out of commission. Here they come -- wipe out these creatures before they rip our unit apart."

3.) "Those things are tough to take down. Two more to go."

4.) "Nice work. Just one more."

5.) "CIS units have been detected moving in this direction. Defend the AT-TE until Jedi Master Secura arrives."

6.) "Aayla Secura has landed. A Republic gunship crashed in the brush near here. Acquire its power cell, and bring it back to reactivate the AT-TE."

7.) "Nice work. The AT-TE has been reactivated. The CIS offensive is being mounted from the fungal tree to the south. Advance on their base of operations there, and take out their primary defense turrets."

8.) "Nice work. The Separatist assault on Felucia has been severely crippled. We have them on the run."

Ending JournalEdit

When the Five-Oh-First was finally rotated out of Felucia, Aayla Secura made a point of seeing us off personally, calling us "the bravest soldiers she had ever seen." It's a good thing we were wearing helmets, because none of us could bear to look her in the eye.




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