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Fighter (Ship Class)[]

A fighter is a multipurpose starship that can be used for any situation. It has good speed and maneuverability, average health and good firepower. They are armed with automatic laser cannons and proton torpedoes which are fired in pairs.


These are the fighter-bombers used by each faction.

Tactical Analysis[]

  • Fighter-bombers are very versatile, and can be applied offensively and defensively.
  • From longer ranges they can take out Interceptors easily and can outmaneuver bombers at closer ranges.
  • They also have a limited ability to attack capital ships, their proton torpedoes being able to do some damage to critical points, but nothing compared to the bomb salvos of the bombers.
  • Their laser cannons do good damage per shot, but have a lower rate of fire compared to a fighter. However, they can still outgun fighters in a head-on firefight.
  • However, the fighter-bomber's laser cannons overheat more easily than the fighter's, so should not be drawn into a turning fight.
  • A couple of fighter-bombers can take the engines of a capital ship out relatively quickly, freeing up bombers to take care of stronger critical points.
  • Their proton torpedoes are homing, but are easy to avoid as there's only two projectiles per salvo.