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The Flash Grenade is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it is classified as an Asset Card.


A non-lethal explosion which creates a bright energy flash and loud noise to disorient opponents.

The Star Wars equivalent of a Flash Bang, this grenade stuns players, and make their vision difficult to see, and can also ruin their hearing for a short time. This is one of the only two grenades that doesn't damage enemy forces, but rather ruins or distracts their vision and hearing, the other being the smoke grenade.

Shadow Troopers in Survival are equipped with this Star Card, which they will frequently use to stun their enemies before they kill them.


Beginner Tips[]

The flash grenade is very difficult to use effectively, but there are some tricks to use it better. First, never use it at close range if you don't have something protecting you from its effect. This ruins its purpose, unless you simply need to get away from very close enemies. Just make sure you know where you are escaping to, because if you wait till you can see again, that means the enemy can too! Also, as previously mentioned, it is very useful to have cover when using the flash grenade. It is important to be careful when throwing the flash grenade, as it can bounce off allies, doorways and small obstacles and come right back to you, making it as if the enemy has thrown a flash bang on you!

Advanced Strategies[]

While the flash grenade can be very versatile, there are some loadouts and tactics that work better than others. Some can be combined into more complex strategies,

  • The Blinding Berserker - Usually used in tight corridors, the Blinding Berserker is a loadout/tactic that utilizes the CA-87 Shock Blaster, the flash grenade, and the Escape Artist trait, along with any other two star cards. When facing a group of enemies crowding a doorway, hurl a flash bang towards them and after a tiny delay, charge them at high speed, with shock Blaster blasting away.
  • Bright Boomer - Consisting of any Heavy Blaster, the flash grenade, and the Explosive Shot charge card, this is also best used in tigh hallways. Once blinded, the enemies will probably duck behind the doorway, but thanks to your explosive shot/heavy Blaster combo, they wont stand a chance. The splash damage will enemies if you shoot just barely inside the door.
  • The Slash Flash - Although it works in any short to medium range fight, it is very important that you level up your trait. Comprised of the CJ-9 Bo-Rifle, the flash grenade, and the Escape Artist trait, the Slash Flash is carried out by flash grenading(flashing) some hopefully close together enemies, and then dashing at high speed to them, and the using the Bo Rifle staff on them.