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The Flechette Shotgun is the Award version of the Shotgun. You get it by receiving the Regulator medal, which requires getting 8 kills with a Shotgun in one life. It is a Shotgun, only with purple shots that are much more powerful and concentrated. This makes it much easier to kill enemies, especially from farther away. The Flechette Shotgun carries 42 rounds per clip and fires 7 per shot. The Clone Engineer carries 336 ammo for the weapon, the Engineer Droid and Imperial Engineer carry 252, and the Rebel Smuggler carries only 168. It retains the old Shotgun's skin.


The Flechette Shotgun must be unlocked to use it.


  • It does more damage per shot
  • Better at long range
  • Holds 6 rounds per clip as opposed to 5


  • Slower fire rate