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Focus Fire is a Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront.


A gyroscopic modification that stabilizes weapon accuracy for a short time.

This Star Card focuses on the blaster's accuracy to help the player get more kills. Despite helping the accuracy, it does not make the range of the blaster's fire any better.

Focus Fire is a charged Star Card that assists the accuracy of the shooter, although it doesn't affect the range or cooldown. It can be used by snipers to maximize their shots, or tank soldiers to get every soldier on sight. It also affects the CA-87, allowing it to fire one bolt, instead of several.


Use Focus Fire for weapons that have a wide spread, like the EE-4 and the CA-87. Focus Fire will tighten the spread, making it more efficient against medium to long ranges.

Use Focus Fire to reduce recoil on blasters such as the DLT-19 and the RT-97C.