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Force Lightning

Darth Sidious using Force Lightning on Mos Eisley.

Force Lightning, or Sith Lightning, is an attack only available to a few of the Sith heroes in the game. It uses up Force (the equivalent of energy) and takes time to recharge, but it is a very effective attack. Your unit will shoot electrical discharges from their hand, causing continual damage to all units in the line of fire. In some mods, attacked units also have trouble walking while being hit with force lightning.


  • When Force Choke is used and then switched to Force Lightning, Force Choke still goes while lightning shoots out, which doubles the damage, but only uses the energy of one attack.
  • While the lightning is devastating, it can easily be blocked by a lightsaber.
  • In the films, Yoda is known to even absorb and deflect lightning with his bare hands.
  • Vader cannot produce lightning because of his robotic arms, however he has been known to use a variant therefore, Kinetite, on rare occasions.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront II, if either Count Dooku or Darth Sidious stand still while casting Force Lightning, they will regain energy as fast as they deplete it, making them able to use it endlessly.

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