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Forest Moon of Endor is a map featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It is playable in Walker Assault, Supremacy, Turning Point, and Skirmish.


One end of the map has an Imperial bunker used to keep the shield generator up for the Death Star II that orbits above the moon. There is also an Imperial landing pad. An Ewok Village is present in the middle of the map. On the other end of the map is a Rebel staging ground with a GR-75 Medium Transport preparing to depart with cargo.

A small stream runs through the entire map, ending in a miniature waterfall. Trees are everywhere on this map.


Sniping is more difficult due to the many trees blocking line of vision, though there are several open areas and high vantage points. To see in the forest it is wise to use a weapon with thermal (X-8 Night Sniper) and/or Scan Pulse to detect Alliance members on the Imperial side. Stormtrooper armor stands out in the forest, due to its white hue.


Walker Assault[]

Walker Assault on Forest Moon of Endor is more close-quarters than on other maps. Rebel players can get closer to the walker due to the forest terrain providing natural cover from enemy fire, making Ion Grenades and Thermal Imploders particularly effective. Unlike most other maps, there is only one AT-AT walker that the Rebels must destroy. Although having a single walker makes it easier for the Rebels to concentrate fire on their objective, the AT-AT does have a higher health pool (88,000) than normal to compensate. Additionally, air vehicles such as the A-Wing are not present to apply additional damage.

Uplink Locations[]


Forest of Endor in Walker Assault.

The first area of uplinks is at a ramp with a bridge across to a small ditch, and another one is in the bunker, which can be defended much easier due to it being indoors and have massive amounts of space. Just be careful of enemies popping from multiple sides.

The second pair of uplinks take place in the Ewok Village, where one is placed in a small cramp area that holds two turrets to use for defense, and multiple trees and houses many locations for snipers to shoot enemies from the trees or above. The other uplink is on the middle tree and is the most vulnerable uplink, as the area is open towards sniper fire, and has multiple areas to enter towards.

The third and final pair of uplinks are in small depots. These uplinks are neither easy or hard to protect, as there are spots for sniper fire, yet multiple areas for the enemy team to ambush the player. There are also multiple trees and areas that can be used for sniping or numerous amounts of equipment such as crates that can be used to avoid being killed by the enemy. The Rebels must be careful however if the AT-ATs health is more than 50, as the total amount of Y-wings will be their last hope to win the game.


The middle control point is at the village, although it is exactly on a walkway that leads into some of the trees. The empire has to defend the bunker and the landing platform. The rebels have to defend their camps, which can be defended if the team successfully takes cover and places traps for the enemy team.


Forest of Endor in Supremacy

Turning Point[]

The first three control points are all located up in the Ewok village. It is recommended that the rebels attack and enter the village from the multiple entrances instead of concentrating their attack on one entrance. The Imperials must defend the control points and should guard the entrance.

The second pair of control points are located in a ditch where one of the uplink stations in Walker Assultise located and the other one is located were two of the paths in the forest meet. The forest provides lots of cover for soldiers to hide.

The last control points are located near the bunker entrance. The rebels can use the forest for cover while the Imperials can use the terrain and scattered crates for cover. It is also here where an AT-ST can be used as the AT-ST pickup located inside the bunker.


  • Unlike most other maps that use the same lighting for Walker Assault and Supremacy, this map is set in the daytime for Walker Assault while in Supremacy it is set in the darkness of early dawn.
  • This is one of the only maps in the game that has one AT-AT for Walker Assault. This was likely done due to the map's terrain and narrow structure. Although having only to target one walker gives the Alliance a small advantage, the AT-AT has a larger amount of health (88,000) and air vehicles are not present to apply additional damage. The only other map that has one AT-AT is Cloud City.
    • At launch, Forest Moon of Endor was the only map that had a single AT-AT in Walker Assault, and as a result it took several tweaks by the devs in several game updates to arrive at an AT-AT health value that would not make the AT-AT too hard nor too easy for the Rebels to destroy, hoping to make Walker Assault matches on Endor last as long as other maps that had two walkers.