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"Darth Vader receives less damage while FOCUSED RAGE is active."
— In-game description

Furious Resilience is a Boost Card for the villain Darth Vader in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that can be unlocked for 1 Skill Point starting when Darth Vader has been leveled up to Level 2.


Pairing the Bonus Health card and this card greatly increases his survivability on the battlefront; adding 25% damage reduction to the potential 1,200 (with Bonus Health fully upgraded) health Vader gets.


Furious Resilience Statistics
Affects Focused Rage
Unlocked at Darth Vader Level 2
Unlock Cost 1 Skill Point
Card Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Damage Reduction 8% 10% 20% 25%
Upgrade Cost N/A 1 Skill Point 1 Skill Point 1 Skill Point
Upgrade Requirements N/A N/A Darth Vader Level 12 Darth Vader Level 25