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The Fusion Cutter is a very handy piece of equipment to have. It allows the user to fix items in need of health, such as tanks, turrets, or health and ammo droids. This means that you can give the members of your team a hand and fix the vehicle they are in.

Fusion Cutter

A Fusion Cutter

Fusion cutter

BFI Fusion Cutter

It can also be used when you are a pilot to fix the things onboard your mother ship, like the shield generators and the auto-defense mainframe. It can even be used to "slice" the current enemy occupant out of vehicles, killing them, rendering the vehicle free to use, and giving the player the Technician award. It is a very nice tool to have and you will need it quite often in the game. It can also be used to remove enemy mines to allow your team access through doors and corridors guarded by mines.



  • Quite opposite to the Star Wars Canon, the Fusion Cutter will not harm organics or droids.
  • In the BFX mod, the Fusion Cutter can be used by the Republic Engineer Class to destroy any CIS droids within seconds. Although this is useful, it can only be used when in close contact.
  • This is one of the only two pieces of equipment in Battlefront that can be used to repair turrets and vehicles, the other being a droid that can repair vehicles, but not turrets.

    First person view of the Fusion Cutter.