"Battle on a series of large team-oriented, objective-based maps. Visit iconic locations, pilot favorite vehicles, choose from among four trooper classes, call in special units, and become a hero."
— In-game Description

Galactic Assault is an asymmetrical, 40 player linear game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that features heroes, Reinforcements, and vehicles that can be spawned in to turn the tide of battle. This mode spans all three Star Wars eras and has scenarios unique to each map. Currently, Galactic Assault can be played on 13 maps.


Galactic Assault is a large-scale, ground-based, linear game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, that pits two teams of 20 against each other in objective-based battles. The mode spans all three Star Wars eras, with one faction acting as the attackers and the other the defenders. Every Galactic Assault map is split into multiple phases and features objectives tailored to fit the map's design. During a match, players can spawn as a hero, Reinforcement, or vehicle using Battle Points earned through gameplay. Some vehicles are, however, only available during specific phases.


Map RotationEdit

The following is the current order of maps as they are played in Galactic Assault.

Clone WarsEdit

Geonosis: Trippa HiveEdit

"Separatist forces have laid siege to a Geonosian droid factory occupied by a Republic demolitions crew. With time running out to destroy the facility, the last remaining clone strike team must push back the droids to prevent them from retaking the factory."
— In-game Description

Among the harsh desert canyons, a Republic demolitions team works to destroy a Geonosian droid foundry. After a surprise Separatist attack force ambushes them, a team of surviving clones defends the foundry and buys time for Republic reinforcements to arrive. On this map, the Galactic Republic are the attackers and the Separatists are the defenders.

The first phase takes place within the canyons of Trippa Hive and sees the Republic attempting to reactivate a damaged AT-TE as well as call in Reinforcements. In the second phase, the Republic advances onto a vast battlefront in order to destroy two Hardcell Troop Transports deploying more Separatist forces. They can now utilise additional AT-TE walkers, supplied by the Republic fleet. All of this must be done before the Republic run out of AT-TE tickets (maximum of 10), which are determined by the amount of AT-TE walkers waiting to be spawned rather than infantry. The Separatists, meanwhile, must defend their Transports by destroying the AT-TE's, which are incredibly susceptible to blaster fire on their undersides.

If the Republic succeeds in this second phase, their AT-TE walkers will continue to advance towards a Droid Control Ship that is attempting to escape. During the transition to this final phase, a massive sand storm will kick up, severely limiting both armies' visibility. The Droid Control Ship must be brought down by abandoned Turbolasers, which the Republic has to recapture. However, the capture point can only be secured by AT-TEs and cannot be contested.

Kamino: Cloning FacilityEdit

"The Separatists have launched an attack against a cloning facility on Kamino hoping to shut down the production for good...."
— In-game Description

The waves of Kamino crash beneath the slender platforms of a Cloning Facility as armies of battle droids descend on the artificial island.[1] On this map, the Separatists are the attackers and the Galactic Republic are the defenders.

In the first phase, Separatist forces must override the genetic Archives. If the Separatists successfully slice into the Archives, phase two commences. The Separatists are now under orders to seize the East and West exterior Landing Pads. This then paves the way for the third phase, where the Separatists must capture both the main Hangar and Barracks of the facility. Following a Separatist victory in phase three, the fourth and final phase begins. Here, the Separatists advance even further into the cloning facility, pushing through prolonged corridors to override the Fusion Core. If the Republic is unable to prevent the detonation sequence then the facility crumbles and the droids deal a vicious blow to the Republic's production of clone troopers.

Kashyyyk: Kachirho BeachEdit

"After a failed attempt to push the Clone Army back from Kashyyyk, the Separatists launch a second wave aimed at taking down an imposing Venator-class Star Destroyer...."
— In-game Description

As the droid army storms up a beach, Wookiee Warriors and Clone troopers dig in to defend a grounded cruiser.[2] On this map, the Separatists are the attackers and the Galactic Republic are the defenders.

Phase one sees the Separatists attempting to escort two Multi-Troop Transports (MTTs) up the shores of Kachirho Beach. The Republic must use Ion Disruptors scattered around the map to destroy the incoming MTTs. If the MTTs reach their destination, the second phase begins. Here, the Separatists must enter two A4 Juggernauts and sabotage them to enable aerial bombardment of the Republic forces. In the final phase, the Separatists storm the hangar of a massive, grounded Venator-class Star Destroyer and must arm explosive charges at both the Front and Rear Fuel Pipes of the starship.

Naboo: TheedEdit

"The Separatists launch a second assault on Theed, the capital of Naboo, with the intent of capturing the Palace and forcing a complete surrender."
— In-game Description
Battlefront E3 2017 05

A three stage assault on the capital of Naboo. Squads of droids protect a colossal MTT as it lumbers its way toward the royal palace.[3] On this map, the Separatists are the attackers and the Galactic Republic are the defenders.

In the first phase, the Republic must use Ion Disruptors to destroy the MTT leading the Separatist invasion force. The Separatists must attack the clone troopers carrying the Disruptors before they destroy the MTT. If the Republic fails to destroy the MTT before it reaches the royal palace, then phase two begins. Here, the Separatists must override the palace's security systems in order to gain access to the throne room. The East and West Door Controls are available for override but the droids need only capture one to progress. Following the Separatists' success in overriding the palace's security systems, the third and final stage commences. The Separatists must enter the Throne Room and capture the control point at its center to win the match.

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Death Star II: Command Sector NorthEdit

"During the Battle of Endor, a blockade runner has crash landed into the second Death Star's hangar. The survivors must find a way to escape the Battle Station before it's too late...."
— In-game Description

As a battle above Endor rages all around it, an Alliance Corvette crashes straight into the Death Star. The surviving Rebels must fight their way out![4] On this map, the Rebel Alliance are the attackers and the Galactic Empire are the defenders.

In phase one, the Rebels must disable the second Death Star's Tractor Beam. To accomplish this, they must override both the Controls and the Generator. If both objectives are overridden, the match progresses to phase two, wherein the Rebels must disable the Death Star's weapon systems. The Main Weapon Controls and the Death Star's Turbolaser Systems are both poised to be overridden by the Alliance. In the final phase, the Rebels enter the Northern Command Sector's hangar in order to make their escape. They must override the Shuttle Elevator and the Hangar Control, to acquire an imperial shuttle for evacuation.

Endor: Research Station 9Edit

"With intelligence pointing to a research facility still operating on the forest moon, the Rebels launch a bold attack against the base hoping to secure any resources before the Empire is able to evacuate...."
— In-game Description
Endor Research Station 9 - Imperial Base (1) - David Holland DICE

Rebel forces steal an AT-AT walker and use it to demolish an Imperial base.[5] On this map, the Rebel Alliance are the attackers and the Galactic Empire are the defenders.

During the first phase, the Rebels must override three objectives: the Fuel Station, Computer Station and Walker Bay. As a result of the previous phase's completion, the Rebels now have access to a stolen AT-AT walker they can use throughout the second phase. The Empire must utilise ion disruptors to stop the walker's advance towards the Imperial Base. In the final phase, the Rebels must enter the Imperial Base and take control of the capture point inside to secure a victory.

Hoth: Outpost DeltaEdit

"The Empire has found a secret Rebel base on Hoth. They launch a full-scale assault across the frozen wastes, hoping to prevent their enemies from escaping...."
— In-game Description

Plodding AT-AT walkers advance toward the Rebel position under air cover as Rebel defenders and their screen of T-47s try to hold the position.[6] On this map, the Galactic Empire are the attackers and the Rebel Alliance are the defenders.

In phase one, the Rebels must attack the Empire's AT-ATs using ion disruptors scattered around the map, before they can breach their base's hangar doors. If the AT-AT's reach the base, the second phase commences. Here, the Empire must capture both the East and West Hangars of Outpost Delta in order to advance further into the base. The final phase sees the Empire attempting to sabotage three objectives: the Fuel Station, Fuel Depot and Fuel Pipes. Once accomplished, the Rebel transports will be grounded and there can be no escape.

Tatooine: Mos EisleyEdit

"Imperial intelligence has been monitoring rumors of a growing Rebel presence in Mos Eisley. Now, they launch a surprise raid in hopes of clearing this infestation...."
— In-game Description
Tatooine Mos Eisley Per Smedjeback

Imperial stormtroopers rush from shuttles into the crowded streets of Mos Eisley. [7] On this map, the Galactic Empire are the attackers and the Rebel Alliance are the defenders.

The first phase sees the Empire trying to capture the settlement's Junkyard and Cantina in an effort to purge the outskirts of their presence. Then, in phase two, the Empire must seize the Auction House and Bazaar before finally attempting to sabotage the Alliance's U-Wing transport during the final phase.

Yavin 4: The Great TempleEdit

"Licking its wounds from the Battle of Yavin, the Empire attacks the Rebel base in the Great Temple in hopes of acquiring data that would undermine the power of the Alliance fleet...."
— In-game Description
Yavin 4 The Great Temple - Andrew Hamilton (1)

Deep within the Great Temple on Yavin 4 is a secret of key importance to the survival of the Rebellion. But Imperial ground forces have arrived![8] On this map, the Galactic Empire are the attackers and the Rebel Alliance are the defenders.

The Empire's objective during phase one is to sabotage the East, Courtyard and West Turbolasers in order to neutralize the Rebel air defences. Next, they are tasked with securing both the Control Station and Forest Camp to complete phase two. In phase three, the Empire seeks to override the East and West Gate Controls. Subsequently, the final phase sees the Empire overriding the Briefing Room and Command Center of the Great Temple before the Rebels have time to escape.

First Order–Resistance warEdit

Crait: Abandoned Rebel Outpost Edit

"On the desolate mineral planet Crait, the First Order has trapped a group of Resistance fighters. Using the machinery at their disposal, the desperate survivors take to the salt covered wastes hoping to buy time until they can find a way to escape...."
— In-game Description
Battle on Crait

Trapped by the First Order, a group of Resistance fighters buys time until they can find a way to escape.[9] On this map, the First Order are the attackers and the Resistance are the defenders.

The first phase begins with the Resistance having to utilise ion disruptors to take down oncoming AT-M6 walkers marching across the salt-covered wasteland, as the First Order escorts them to their enemy's holdout. The match progresses to phase two once the walkers reach the Abandoned Rebel Outpost and here the First Order must capture the Transports in the Mine Hangar. Following a First Order victory here, they will progress to the final phase, where they must destroy Consoles A, B and C in order to stop the Resistance from fleeing.

Jakku: Starship GraveyardEdit

"The Resistance have located a scavenged Imperial droid containing data valuable to their fight against the First Order. Knowing this, the First Order move in to try to stop them...."
— In-game Description

First Order forces have trapped a group of Resistance fighters within the derelict hull of a crashed Star Destroyer in the desert of Jakku.[10] On this map, the First Order are the attackers and the Resistance are the defenders.

In phase one, the First Order must secure two capture points: the Landing Area and Reactor Control, before they can delve further into the Star Destroyer's wreckage. After this, the second phase begins, and they must secure the Supply Hold that is positioned atop a massive hill. The following third phase has the First Order trying to secure the East and West Exits, in order to cut off the Resistance's escape routes. Their enemy has come prepared however, since the First Order must now sabotage the East and West Resistance Transports in the final phase.

Starkiller Base: Precinct 47Edit

"In hopes of tipping the scales for the main attack on Starkiller Base, a Resistance strike team infiltrates the facility. Their goal: to sabotage Special Forces TIE fighters before they can take to the skies...."
— In-game Description
Battlefront II 05

As the fighter attack rages above Starkiller Base, a cadre of Resistance warriors make a daring raid to rescue prisoners trapped inside the First Order facility.[11] On this map, the Resistance are the attackers and the First Order are the defenders.

The Resistance's objective in the first phase is to sabotage the Precinct's Fuel Supply and Lower Turbolaser in an attempt to weaken the First Order's defences. If they succeed, phase two commences and the Resistance must secure the Main Gate of the Precinct. The final phase tasks the Resistance with overriding the Gate Control and Cell Door Control to free the their comrades being held on the base.

Takodana: Maz's CastleEdit

"The First Order have information pointing to Resistance spies and sympathizers at Maz's Castle. They launch an attack to capture them, but Resistance forces have arrived in time to oppose them...."
— In-game Description
Takodana Strike

On Takodana, the First Order moves against Maz Kanata's castle. Resistance forces have taken up a defensive position inside.[12] On this map, the First Order are the attackers and the Resistance are the defenders.

The First Order's arrival on Takodana begins with the task of capturing Memorial Hill during the first phase. Phase two will feature the First Order moving in to sabotage both the East and West Turbolasers currently engaging their air forces. The final assault during the third phase is centred around capturing Maz's Castle once and for all.



Siege of Kamino Update

  • Fixed an issue where the "To The Last Man" timed challenge would track user respawns as eliminations.

Giants Above Kachirho Update

  • Fixed an issue where picking up and firing with a Rocket Launcher would also trigger a melee attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phase 3 objective could still be captured if the AT-TE was standing slightly outside the Capture Zone on Geonosis.

Capital Supremacy Update

  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause players to be automatically kicked out of Galactic Assault matchmaking if they were waiting in the pre-round for more than 5 minutes.
  • Added Hailfire Droids firing missiles as a Battle Beyond element on Geonosis.

The Chosen One Update

  • Fixed an issue where the HUD icons would not disappear for the defending team, if the first two points were captured at relatively the same time on Jakku.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the Capture icon in the last phase of Geonosis would showcase a human icon instead of an AT-TE icon.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the AT-M6 to sink under the ground on Crait.

Darth Tyranus Update

  • Geonosis
    • Fixed issues where players could get stuck on certain rock formations.
    • Fixed an issue where the Objective UI was misleadingly decreasing under certain circumstances in Phase 3 on Geonosis.
    • Fixed an issue where scoring events would not register while capturing the objective in Phase 3.
    • Overall VFX polish pass on Geonosis (Visual updates on toxic waterfall, Spider Droid explosions, size of backdrop AT-TE footprint effects, background lasers caused by Spider Droids).
  • Naboo
    • Fixed an issue where the MTT would consistently display as "Out of Range" on HUD.

Battle of Geonosis Update

  • Added new map, Geonosis: Trippa Hive, to Galactic Assault.

General Grievous Update

  • In order to improve the flow on Galactic Assault - Naboo, the Attackers on Phase 2 need to override only one door to proceed.
  • Implemented a limit in the difference of team sizes before a mode can start. This way, a mode cannot start with an unbalanced size in teams. For Galactic Assault the maximum difference is 4.

Squad System Update

  • Added ability to get into squads and spawn on squad members on Galactic Assault and Strike.
  • Implemented backend timers that allow tweaking of the objective duration on Galactic Assault in a live environment.

Elite Corps Update

  • Implemented Clone Wars tile in the Home screen to increase the possibility for matchmaking on Galactic Assault for Clone Wars – era maps.

Hero Starfighters Update

  • Crait map is back in GA rotation after fixing issue with MVP screen.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to enter in one of the troop transports blocking the attackers to complete the objective on Jakku.

Han Solo Season Update 2

  • Fixed an issue on PC where after shooting the MTT with the ION Disruptor, a "Playing the Objective" scoring event was shown after each respawn.
  • Improved player rewards for completing objectives on the map.

Han Solo Season Update

  • Fixed an issue where the player was able to use the LUIV beyond Phase 1 on Starkiller Base.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ion Grenade exploded in mid-air before reaching the AT-AT or MTT.

Night on Endor Update

  • Fixed an issue where the tabs in the End of Round screen were not working properly.

2.0 Patch

  • Takodana
    • Re-worked the defender spawns in Phase 2, moving them closer to the objectives.
    • The price of the AT-ST on Takodana has been increased from 1500 to 2500.
  • Kashyyyk
    • Re-worked the defender spawns in Phase 3, moving them closer to the objectives.
    • The LAAT respawn time has been increased to 30 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where the MTT health would not display correctly and it would sometimes enter an incorrect state.
  • Death Star II
    • Made Phases 2 and 3 easier to defend and Phase 1 slightly easier for the attackers by adjusting spawn positions.
  • Tatooine
    • Phase 2 spawns for defenders have been adjusted for positioning and spread in an effort to increase safety directly after you've spawned.
    • Attacker spawns in Phase 2 have been moved closer to the objectives to make it easier to attack.
    • Defender spawns in Phase 3 have been moved closer to the objective to make it easier to defend.
    • Introduced various visual quality improvements such as: reduced LOD pop-in, sharper textures, improved lighting and materials, minor destructible content, and additional environmental detailing.
    • Adjusted frequency with which the alternative light settings appear.
  • Kamino
    • Increased price of LAAT on from 400 to 1000.
    • LAAT respawn has been increased by 30 seconds.
  • Jakku
    • Fixed an issue where players spawning into the AT-ST were occasionally spawned out of bounds.
  • Endor
    • Updated and re-introduced the daylight setting.
    • Adjusted frequency with which the alternative light settings appear.

1.2 Patch

  • Kamino
    • Phase 1 and 3 in Galactic Assault has been made easier for attackers.
  • Tatooine
    • In Phase 1 of Galactic Assault we adjusted spawn points, added cover, and tweaked the out of bounds area to make this phase easier for attackers.
  • Hoth
    • In Phase 2 of Galactic Assault we adjusted spawn points to prevent players from being targeted by the AT-AT.
    • Fixed a bug in Galactic Assault that prevented players from passing through doors when retreating during the last Phase.
  • Naboo
    • Phase 2 of Galactic Assault has had balance tweaks.
  • Endor
    • Galactic Assault has extended the fallback timer from 30 to 45 seconds before the attackers’ spawn points are moved forward.
    • Fixed a bug in Galactic Assault that caused the Endor AT-AT Orbital Strike to break.
  • Jakku
    • Fixed an issue in Galactic Assault where the out of bounds warning message would not trigger correctly under certain conditions.
    • Tweaked the combat area on Jakku in Galactic Assault in order to prevent an exploit where players could circle around the map with the AT-ST.
  • Crait
    • Added delay before attacker spawns are moved forward in Galactic Assault.
  • Takodana
    • Fixed a bug in Galactic Assault that prevented the First Order AT-ST from being available in Phase 1.

1.1 Patch

  • Kamino
    • Updated spawns to help the Droids attack.
    • Phase 2 capture areas are now only the platforms.

1.0 Patch

  • Added new map, Crait: Abandoned Rebel Outpost, to Galactic Assault.
  • In Galactic Assault, updated spawns to help the Droids attack.
  • In Galactic Assault, reduced health of the MTT.
  • In Phase 2 of Galactic Assault, reduced the explosive objective timer.

1.03 Patch

  • Tweaked the spawning positions of Starfighters on Tatooine.
  • Tweaked the spawn positions of the AAT on Kashyyyk.
  • Fixed an issue where the objective markers would not update correctly on Endor.
  • More reinforcements are awarded after each phase in Galactic Assault.

0.2 Patch

  • Fixed an issue that prevented player to deploy in the AT-RT during the first phase on Hoth.
  • Fixed an issue where the AAT would sometimes spawn beneath the MTT, rendering it unable to move.


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