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The GRM, aka the Galactic Republic MILSIM, is an Xbox Military Simulator Discord Group for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017).[]

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Currently over 1000+ members, our MilSim works together in game to win using strategy and teamwork to dominate on the battlefront. We follow a rank structure, from Rookie and Trooper to Commander and Marshal Commander. We play Capital Supremacy the most, but we also branch out and play the other gamemodes of Battlefront 2, such as Strike, Blast, Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault (For our Navy Division!).

The GRM is Clone Wars Based, with 3 separate Clone Legions to choose from:

  • 41st Elite Corps
  • 501st Legion
  • 212th Attack Battalion

We have everyday legion and full MILSIM events, and a lot to earn and achieve in the community. We are rapidly growing every day, and we can't wait for you to join us too! See you on the Battlefront.

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Here is extensive list of some of the activities available to members in the Galactic Republic MILSIM:[]

  1. A massive community of fellow star wars battlefront fans!
  2. Three Separate Legions to play with - 212th Attack Battalion, 501st Legion, 41st Elite Corps
  3. Constant Legion Deployments - 6 Days a week (3-4 times a day per legion) we have legion deployments where we play Battlefront! Mondays are days off from official deployments onto Battlefront, but we also have legion game nights on Mondays! Join us whenever you have the time.
  4. MILSIM Deployments - Full MILSIM-wide events are hosted by Shadow and the Marshal Commanders. Competitive matches against other MILSIMs are posted in #deployment-announcements
  5. Large Scale MILSIM Events - Major things are happening in the server ALL THE TIME! Be on the lookout for major events such as Galactic Conquest! Read more about Galactic Conquest in the next section.
  6. Ticket System - The #submit-a-ticket channel is a way for members to post submissions for the different GRM events in an organized way, from Book of Records to medals.
  7. Tournaments - The GRM hosts a variety of Battlefront 2 MILSIMs with small prize pools attached. Major tournaments are hosted in the #tournament-updates channel, and legions occasionally host smaller short tournaments within their own deployments. The Tournament role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel.
  8. Hero Tokens - Members can earn Hero Tokens through activity in legion deps and MILSIM events. These tokens can be spent to allow the user to play Hero in the duration of a deployment. These Hero Tokens are for members who haven't reached the Captain rank that allows them to play Hero in Deployment.
  9. Tales of the GRM - Take a deep dive back into the server’s history before its shutdown in 2021, and revival in 2023. Tales of the GRM is available to read at the top of the #documents channel.
  10. Badges and Medals - These roles are available for members to earn based on different requirements for each medal. Think of Medals like achievements in video games. Medals have 4 tiers: Black, Red, Gold, and Platinum. The higher tier Platinum has harder challenges to complete. On the other hand, badges are usually seasonal or event based, meaning it is impossible to earn if you did not follow a requirement during the time specified. An example are Holiday events in the GRM!
  11. Book of Records - GRM Battlefront 2 Records are stored here, and updated constantly as records are beaten. New records can be submitted in the #submit-a-ticket channel. New records are posted in the #book-of-records channel, and the Book of Records itself can be viewed in #documents. Retired members can keep their records as long as they remain in the discord. Non-members have their records wiped. The Book of Records role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel.
  12. GRM Media - The MILSIM runs a few different social media accounts to promote the server, found in the #grm-media channel. Some MILSIM members (Clone Streamers and bounties) stream their battlefront deployments and other games in #holonet-streams. The Social Media and Viewer ping role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel.
  13. GRM Merch Store - The server also has their very own GRM merch that can be purchased at
  14. Game Nights - Shadow and other members occasionally host large scale Game Nights for other games away from Battlefront 2. Legions also host separate game nights every so often on Mondays. The Other Games role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel.
  15. Weekly Challenges - Challenges last 1-2 weeks depending on the difficulty. Challengers can grind to complete MILSIM battlefront challenges to earn a Hero Token, and the Elite Challenge Champion/Challenge Champion medals. The Challenger role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel.
  16. Bounties - Members of the MILSIM can sign up to become a bounty or bounty hunter. Bounties are posted in the #bounty-challenges channel with certain members to eliminate. Each member has a specific required bounty challenge, which is a certain weapon to kill them with. Bounties last 2 weeks, in which an escaped bounty will earn the Elusive Bounty medal and a hero token. Bounty Hunters who claim a bounty will earn the Master Hunter medal and a hero token. The Bounty Hunter role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel. You can request to be a bounty using a Bounties ticket in the #submit-a-ticket channel.
  17. Monthly MILSIM Newsletter - The GRM has a monthly newsletter where they talk about new events in the server and in the Star Wars community. Officer promotions are recognized in the newsletter as well. You can find the monthly newsletter in #holonet-newsletter. The Newsletter role can be acquired in the #roles-select channel. Members of the MILSIM are selected to become Journalists to help write the Newsletter.
  18. Helmet Design - Custom Clone helmets are created every day by the GRM community. Official Helmet Designers can be recruited to help make your perfect clone helmet. You can request a custom helmet in #design-request.
  19. GRM Navy Division - Members of the GRM can apply for the MILSIM wide Navy Division to play Starfighter Assault on Battlefront 2. The Navy application is available in the #other-applications channel.
  20. GRM Officer Corps - Work with other valued members of the server to help run and operate the Galactic Republic MILSIM operations and events.
  21. GRM High Command - High ranking members of the MILSIM in charge of leading the rest of the server/making decisions.
  22. Shadow Council - The highest ranking members of the MILSIM, Shadow and his Marshal Commanders work behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and a fun experience for everyone involved in the Galactic Republic MILSIM.

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Galactic Conquest[]

The GRM has major server events all the time, one of them being Galactic Conquest, lasting from June 1st - August 1st 2024.

Here is a summary of how Galactic Conquest works, or you can join the GRM to learn more about it:

  • Galactic Conquest is a GRM members only Battlefront 2 event about planet management and sector control.
  • All 24 planets are controlled by 5 factions. Whichever faction has control of over 50% of the galaxy map, aka acquire 36 points, wins Galactic Conquest.
  • A Galaxy Map of the 24 planets will be used throughout the event to show planet positioning and sectors, as well as show which planets are owned by which faction.
  • Certain Planets have a chance of World Effects, which are game modifiers that block certain reinforcements, classes, and more.
  • You are REQUIRED to be a member of our legions to participate in Galactic Conquest, NO outside players/MILSIM friends/Dep Guests