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"Gammorean Hunt" is a community-made variation of Hunt mode that can be created by modifying the game functions. Jabba's Palace is populated by Gammorean Guards, native enemy units that spawn periodically and attack anything around them and with proper manipulation of the game, they can be fought as Hunt mode enemies. In order to start a game of Gammorean Hunt, select Jabba's Palace in Instant Action in Conquest mode and set the unit count down to one or two units. You may wish to set a time limit or a point score goal. Start the game and pick any team you want. Once the game starts, the Gammoreans will start spawning throughout the map and with nothing else to attack other than you (and any allies you have), they will make a beeline for you. Thus you may now set off on a nerve-racking hunt to kill as many Gammoreans as you wish while trying to avoid being killed by them as they angrily try to chase you down. Depending on how many units there are, you may wish to make a squad of units.


  • When zooming in with your scope, you light up hallways and rooms allowing you to predict attacks.
  • Bringing in a sniper to score headshots will make it easier to kill the Gammoreans as they have a rather large health pool.
    Gamorrean guard

    Gammorean with a Vibroaxe