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Geonosis is the dry, desert-like planet, where the CIS had set up a major droid-producing factory. It is home to the insect-resembling organisms known as the Geonosians. In Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan stumbled upon this planet after an intense chase sequence with Jango Fett. Soon, Obi-Wan is trapped along with Anakin Skywalker and Padme, and the trio were forced into participating in a Gladiatorial game for the amusement of the Geonosians and their charismatic leader. Geonosis is the first location at which the clone army fights in Star Wars Battlefront II. It is the only planet in both of the original Battlefronts that which clone troopers wear the phase I armor.


Geonosis Spire is a Battlefront I map which shows some of the features of the battle for Geonosis shown in Attack of the Clones. This map has the most command posts of any map in BFI with 9 command posts. The aim of the map as the Republic is to destroy the Techno Union transport ships. Also visible in this map is the base in which Count Dooku hid the plans for the Death Star in before fleeing to Coruscant. The Forward Command Center is one of the multiple command posts.

Geonosis Dust Planes is a Battlefront II map which shows some of the features of the battle for Geonosis shown in Attack of the Clones. some features include an entrance to the Geonosian's cavernous dwellings and a hangar for ships of the CIS. The Republic has some heavy artillery in their AT-TE's, and the droids have their own Homing spider droid and hailfire droids. A crashed Techno-Union Starship provides good cover from both the vehicles and the snipers. In this map Geonosians fight with the CIS.

A Space Geonosis map is available in Galactic Conquest mode.

The Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron version of Geonosis: Dust Plains is a lot different, as most of the area is cut off. This also applies to Renegade Squadron.


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