Geonosis Dust Plains

Geonosis is a dry, desert-like planet, where the CIS has set up a major droid-producing factory, this map replaces Geonosis: Spire from the original Star Wars: Battlefront.

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It is home to the insect-resembling organisms known as the Geonosians. In Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan stumbles upon this planet after an intense chase sequence with Jango Fett. Soon, Obi-Wan is trapped along with Anakin Skywalker and Padmé, and the trio are forced into participating in a Gladiatorial game for the amusement of the Geonosians and their charismatic leader. Geonosis is the first location at which the Clone Army fights, and we get a delicious taste of what the Clones are capable of. Also, there are a couple of strenuous battles between Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan, and then Count Dooku faces the more potent Yoda. Strangely enough, Geonosis has no easily recognizable features, except for an entrance to the Geonosians' cavernous dwellings and a hangar for ships of the CIS. The Republic has some heavy artillery in their AT-TE's, and the droids have their own Homing Spider Droid and Hailfire Droids. Long-range combat is unavoidable, and the only close-range battles will be for Command Posts and in the two caves running parallel north-south across the east and west sides of the map. As you can imagine, snipers are a large threat. A crashed Techno-Union Starship provides good cover from both the vehicles and the snipers. In this map Geonosians fight with the CIS, and their Turrets are also available.

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  • This map is exclusive to the Clone Wars era, as it cannot be played in the Galactic Civil War era. Although Mods do exist adding in the Stock Galactic Civil War era into this map.
  • This map does not include Geonosian Starfighters like its Battlefront 1 counterpart.
  • This is the only map in the second game where there are phase 1 variants. All the other maps have phase 2 or higher.
  • This map can be implemented into the PSP version of the game through mods. The map has the same layout but has the flaws of the PSP environment quality. It also has the respective game mods.
  • This map can be ported into Star Wars Battlefront 1.
    • Laser turrets are replaced with the LR1K turrets for some reason.
  • Due to a error in the script for Geonosis, the Phase 2 Clone Commander is used instead of the Phase 1.

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