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"Separatist forces have laid siege to a Geonosian droid factory occupied by a Republic demolitions crew. With time running out to destroy the facility, the last remaining clone strike team must push back the droids to prevent them from retaking the factory."
— Galactic Assault description

Trippa Hive is a map set on Geonosis in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, playable in the Clone Wars era. It is a large, ground map available in both multiplayer and Arcade. The map was added in the Battle of Geonosis Update on November 28, 2018 and was the first Clone Wars map to be added as part of the game's live service.[1][2]


Geonosis Trippa Hive - Geonosian Statue - Pontus Ryman DICE

A statue of a Geonosian warrior inside the canyons of Trippa Hive.

Trippa Hive is modelled after the numerous hive colonies found on the planet Geonosis, that can be seen throughout the Star Wars universe. These hives were home to thousands of Geonosians, an insectoid species native to the planet, who aided the Separatists in the construction of their Battle Droids. The map can be broken up into three parts: the canyons, the plains, and the core ship perimeter.

The canyons are positioned atop a rocky hill, overlooking much of the vast battlefront beyond them. Behind the canyon entrance, and past the map's boundaries, is the door to Trippa Hive's droid factory: the focal point of Galactic Assault's storyline on this map. Inside the canyons are two winding caves that can be utilized as effective flanking routes in the midst of chaotic close-quarters combat.

A forward command center is located on one side of the canyons whilst on the other, wreckages of fallen AT-TEs and LAAT Gunships serve as grim reminders of the harsh realities of the Clone Wars. A powered-down AT-TE can also be found here in Galactic Assault. Additionally, a variety of crates and barriers provide ample cover for intense firefights all throughout the canyons, as well as the rest of the map.

Geonosis Trippa Hive - Hardcell Transports - Pontus Ryman DICE

Two Hardcell transports tower over the plains below them.

At the foot of the colossal canyon hill, are the plains of Trippa Hive. The plains are the largest area on the map, spanning a wide wasteland of dust and debris. A number of trenches and small valleys can be found on either side of the plains, where two Hardcell-class interstellar transport loom over the battlefield. In Galactic Assault, the Galactic Republic can use the AT-TEs at their disposal to destroy these transports, causing them to topple over and create a massive sandstorm. At the far end of the plains, sits an enormous Trade Federation core ship. The ship's perimeter is surrounded by trenches, rocky outcrops and a myriad of destroyed vehicles. The center front of the perimeter is notably flat as, in Galactic Assault, the Republic is tasked with positioning AT-TEs there.



In Arcade, the playable area of Trippa Hive is set in the canyons. The boundaries are situated just before the hill that descends onto the rocky plains and the powered-down AT-TE featured in Galactic Assault is absent. It was added to the mode in the Darth Tyranus Update.


The Darth Tyranus Update also saw the map added to Blast, where the playable area is similarly set in the canyons. It is identical to the one used for Arcade.


This somewhat follows the Galactic Assault variant of the mode. The first phase is near identical to Galactic Assault, with the command posts being in exactly the same positions as the command centre and AT-TE in the GA variant, with the exception of there being no AT-TE physically present. The second phase takes place on the hillside before Trippa Hive's large plains with downed LAAT's acting as cover for the second wave of command posts. The third phase opens up the battlefield, with the left command post being in a small canyon with a crashed LAAT perched above it, while the right command post is in the centre of the field. The last phase takes place under the right separatist Hardcell Ship, should the Republic seize the command post, they win the entire round.

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Galactic Assault[]

"Separatist forces have laid siege to a Geonosian droid factory occupied by a Republic demolitions crew. With time running out to destroy the facility, the last remaining clone strike team must push back the droids to prevent them from retaking the factory."
— In-game description
Obi-Wan and Grievous on Geonosis - Battlefront II

Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous prepare to duel on Trippa Hive.

Among the harsh desert canyons, a Republic demolitions team works to destroy a Geonosian droid foundry. After a surprise Separatist attack force ambushes them, a team of surviving clones defends the foundry and buys time for Republic reinforcements to arrive. On this map, the Galactic Republic are the attackers and the Separatists are the defenders.

The first phase takes place within the canyons of Trippa Hive and sees the Republic attempting to reactivate a damaged AT-TE and call in Reinforcements. In the second phase, the Republic advances onto a vast battlefront in order to destroy two Hardcell-class interstellar transports deploying more Separatist forces. They can now utilise additional AT-TE walkers, supplied by the Republic fleet. All of this must be done before the Republic run out of AT-TE tickets (maximum of 10), which are determined by the amount of AT-TE walkers waiting to be spawned rather than infantry. The Separatists, meanwhile, must defend their Transports by destroying the AT-TE's, which are incredibly susceptible to blaster fire on their undersides.

Geonosis Trippa Hive - Spider Walker - Pontus Ryman DICE

An OG-9 homing spider droid supports a legion of advancing Battle Droids.

If the Republic succeeds in this second phase, their AT-TE walkers will continue to advance towards a core ship that is attempting to escape. During the transition to this final phase, a massive sand storm will kick up, severely limiting both armies' visibility. The core ship must be brought down by abandoned Turbolasers, which the Republic has to recapture. However, the capture point can only be secured by AT-TEs and cannot be contested.

Heroes vs. Villains/Hero Showdown[]

Added to Trippa Hive in the Capital Supremacy Update, both Heroes vs. Villains and Hero Showdown sees the playable area also set in the canyons.

However, its setting changed in The Age of Rebellion Update, now being the Separatist Droid Factory seen in the opening cutscene of the Galactic Assault map.

Units available[]

Galactic Assault[]

Galactic Republic[]

SWBFII Class Assault Icon SWBFII Class Heavy Icon SWBFII Class Officer Icon SWBFII Class Specialist Icon
Assault Heavy Officer Specialist


SWBFII Class Assault Icon SWBFII Class Heavy Icon SWBFII Class Officer Icon SWBFII Class Specialist Icon
Assault Heavy Officer Specialist


  • Trippa Hive was the first Galactic Assault map to be added for the Clone Wars in the live service for Star Wars Battlefront II. It was also the first Galactic Assault map added to the game since the release of Crait: Abandoned Rebel Outpost in The Last Jedi Season.
  • Non-playable vehicles can be seen in Trippa Hive for Galactic Assault. For the Republic, LAAT/C dropships can be seen dropping AT-TE's. For the Separatists, AI-controlled Dwarf Spider Droids and Spider Walkers help damage Republic troops and AT-TE's.
  • Although having many similarities to the Battle of Geonosis, the scenario in Galactic Assault actually takes place well after that initial conflict, as is revealed by various quips by the Republic and Separatist announcers.
  • Nute Gunray is apparently present in this battle, being in the Separatist control ship which is the last objective in Galactic Assault. And according to multiple statements from developers, all Galactic Assault scenarios are canon. This raises some questions regarding the results of this conflict. In all forms of current canon, Nute Gunray avoids Republic custody (is never captured). Therefore, the canon results of this engagement probably had the Republic lose to the Separatists to allow Gunray's escape.


The Age of Rebellion Update

  • Updated Trippa Hive in Hero modes.

Siege of Kamino Update

  • Several collision, clipping, VFX, and traversal fixes on the Capital Supremacy - Kashyyyk, Dreadnought, Republic Attack Cruiser, and Galactic Assault - Geonosis maps.

Giants Above Kachirho Update

  • Made several fixes that prevent Boba Fett from reaching areas that are unreachable by other Heroes in Hero Showdown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phase 3 objective could still be captured if the AT-TE was standing slightly outside the Capture Zone.
  • Fixed several collision, map geometry and lighting issues on Yavin 4, Endor, Naboo - Theed, Jakku, Hoth, Starkiller Base, Death Star II, Geonosis - Trippa Hive.
  • Community Request: Fixed an issue where the Enforcer Reinforcements would be missing from the spawn screen when playing Custom Arcade on Geonosis.

Capital Supremacy Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the ARC Trooper from gaining progress when playing on Phase 1 maps (Kamino: Cloning Facility and Geonosis: Trippa Hive).

Capital Supremacy Update

  • Added map to Hero Showdown.
  • Added Hailfire Droids firing missiles as a Battle Beyond element on Geonosis.
  • Fixed an issue where the Separatist Droid animations would occasionally break when crouching on Geonosis in Arcade.

The Chosen One Update

  • Fixed a visual issue where the Capture icon in the last phase of Geonosis would showcase a human icon instead of an AT-TE icon.
  • Fixed visual issues with draw distance on certain objects on Endor and Geonosis.

Darth Tyranus Update

  • Added map to Arcade, Blast, and Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Fixed issues where players could get stuck on certain rock formations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Objective UI was misleadingly decreasing under certain circumstances in Phase 3 on Geonosis.
  • Fixed an issue where scoring events would not register while capturing the objective in Phase 3.
  • Overall VFX polish pass on Geonosis (Visual updates on toxic waterfall, Spider Droid explosions, size of backdrop AT-TE footprint effects, background lasers caused by Spider Droids).

December Update

  • Various level art, audio, draw distance and collision fixes, focusing on the vehicle debris and rocks on Geonosis
  • Made some slopes in Phase 3 on Geonosis easier to traverse with the AT-TE.
  • Fixed an issue where the LAAT carrying an AT-TE would occasionally appear in very low resolution
  • Fixed an issue where Boba Fett would be able to float on invisible ceilings in certain areas in Phase 2.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank scene would show up in the beginning of the final cutscene on Geonosis.

Battle of Geonosis Update

  • Added to the game. Playable in Galactic Assault.