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For help learning glitches found on Coruscant, read here, and follow the instructions to the best of your ability. Some are difficult to perform, so try not to become angry if you can't figure a few of them out on the first try.

1.1 Getting Into the Library Walls

Class: Engineer

Faction: Any

Location: Base 2 Library

Difficulty: Very Easy*

Directions: Destroy one of the holobooks. While standing inside the ruins, repair it with your Fusion Cutter. You will now be inside.


Class: Any (Excluding Droideka)

Faction: Any

Location: Between Base 1 and 2 on the Outside Back Alley

Difficulty: Easy**

Directions: At the top of the back alley there are two green plants in front of the door to base 2. Run into the wall directly beside the right plant and you may be forced into the floor. Beware though, you may get trapped in the floor and die if you are not a class that takes no fall damage (such as a Jet Trooper). Note: If you happen to be an engineer, there is a turret to your left once inside that can be repaired and used. It was probably left there on accident due to rushed development.


1.3 Base 5 Statue

Class: Any (Excluding Droideka)

Faction: Any

Location: Between Base 5 and 6 on the Alley Stairway

Difficulty: Easy**

Directions: Between base 5 and 6 there is an ammo droid in the right corner (assuming you're standing at base 6). Behind it is a statue. Climb up the stairs beside the ammo droid and jump on the edge of the railing on the stairs. Procede by jumping on top of the statue that is behind the ammo droid. While moving forward into the corner, roll and move in different directions and it will force you under base 5. Standing in certain spots can even keep base 5 under your control. Be careful not to fall off the edge of the map, as you will die instantly.


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