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There is a glitch in where if you play Hunt Mode and go against Scout Trooper. As an Ewok, you usually only throw stones, but in the rare occasion you throw a spear that explodes. This happens rarely.

If you play Hunt Mode as the Scout Trooper, and only kill with your pistol, then you switch to the Sniper Rifle, your award pistol will not be useable. However, if you use the sniper rifle and you are invincible it becomes impossible to get the Beam Rifle.

If you are in Conquest mode as the Stormtrooper and you are invincible, Ewoks will throw stones at you only, but if you pull out a pistol, there is somehow always Bothan Spy behind you. There is also a glitch where if you play as a Rebel sometimes you can get into an AT-ST while there is a Imperial inside.