The conditions have to be just right for this glitch to happen. First, there has to be none of your troops around. Second, there must only be one Acklay left out of all six. Third, you must stay at a safe distance. Fourth, you must be using the Clone Sharpshooter class (and have the DC-15x Sniper Rifle equipped). Fifth, you must zoom in as far as possible with the rifle, aiming at the acklay. Sixth, you need to wait until the acklay is standing in front of the damaged AT-TE. after a certain amount of time the glitch will happen, the acklay will sink up to its hands in water (the water is usually up to the bottom of its skewer-like claws), its neck and to front legs will be on its back, and its head and head crest will be upside down, then back to normal. If you shoot the acklay while its glitched it will POOF back to normal and come after you!

Screen 10
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