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Glitch Number One: Echo Base[]

On the PSP version of Hoth if you get on a Speeder and go to where the second base would be on the Hunt gametypes you will notice that the tranches and hangers are there but not fully loaded. You can fly through the Hanger ( same thing with the trenches but this is much easier to fit a speeder through ) and you will be under the map and don't worry you can always go back to the battle by going up and fly through the ground but beware flying to the hanger with speeders you will die

Explanation One: In the PSP version and Xbox the designers probably tried to cut the Second Hangar out of conquest but ended up having it partially loaded it because it is used in the Hunt gamertype

Explanation Two: The reason you can fly through the ground to the battle is because the death barrier only works one way with the exception of corridors and the First Hanger

Glitch Number Two: Snowing inside[]

This glitch works at all modes. Go to the Echo Base hangar. Use a hero or Dark Trooper and fly as high as possible. Then, you should see snowflakes falling inside, although it could be the ice hanging from the top simply falling.

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