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Glitch Number One' "For the Chancellor!"

This glitch is only found in story mode. On Kamino, during the cross-era battle in Rise of the Empire (a.k.a. story mode for Battlefront II), some clones say, "For the chancellor!", even though the stormtroopers fight for the chancellor (now the Emperor) and the clones are supposed to be fighting against him.

Confirmation Needed Area Ends Here.

Glitch Number Two "It's Raining Inside"

This is a simple little glitch with either Boba or Jango Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi or the Jet Trooper on any style of game play. First off you actually need to get the characters then head for command post 6. Once there, get as close to the center of the room as you can and face out towards the wall and then the floor. Either use your jet pack or the force jump (with Kenobi) to where you are to the roof. If you are in 3rd person view you will actually see it raining.

Glitch Number Three "Incomplete Animation"

This is not exactly a glitch, but it's more of an incomplete animation. First get the the invincible cheat code. Then jump in the water. Instead of floating, you will go to the ocean floor. You will see that the city stilts don't touch the sea bottom! I prefer you to use Jango or Boba to fly out. I don't know if a jet trooper will work, but DO NOT USE DARK TROOPER!!! (they fly for a short time!!!) Note that this trick will not work everytime. The location where this glitch occurs is not confirmed.

Glitch Number Four "The Ghost"

Rarely there is a unit on the platform outside command post 0 who is invisible. It is possible to see this enemy on the radar but impossible to kill him. However, he can kill you. I have only encountered this glitch when playing as the Republic.

Glitch Number Five "Deep Sea Diving"

Occasionally, if you are killed or fall while jumping/flying between platforms, the camera will continue to follow your body through the water. During this time, health and ammo packs will continue to spawn every few seconds, and the glitch will appear as the background of the respawn menu. The glitch ends after a short amount of time or when you respawn. (Most common with Dark Troopers.)

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