Star Wars Battlefront Wiki

Tank Tree Boost[]

It is possible to use a Jet Trooper to complete this multi-step process to get on the branches of the huge trees, and from there you can get onto the platforms near the back of the map that you were not supposed to originally reach. You must go up to the platforms in the water. Next, fly up to the roof of one of the platforms. After that, you should be able to fly to the closest branch. This branch will get you close enough to the extra platforms so that you can jump up onto them as well.

Remember, jump first, then fly. Don't instantly change right from walking to your jetpack or you probably won't have enough lift.

Another easier way to reach the platforms is to walk up the hill behind them and jump with the jet trooper straight to the platform.

Black sky glitch/bad connection glitch[]

WARNING: This may permanently damage your game.

(This may only work if your disk is scratched badly or bad connection to a server)

Sometimes, on the beachhead, the sky may have no features and is completely black, it has no major faults, but it makes snipers on the bridge easier to spot.

Do NOT scratch your disk just to do this, it's not worth it.

Secret Path glitch[]

Go to Wookee Oil Refinery right at the back of the Republic/Rebels's side of the map. Turn left and head up the slope; there will be a small crease in the ground which zig-zags up the hillside - follow this. At the top of the rise you will go through a upside down triangular gap in the cliff. Turn left and keep going in that direction; you will slide down the steep hill as you do it but keep going. You should end up on the platform above the Clones/Rebels second base.

No Droids glitch[]

Go to the platform nearest to Command Post 2 and you will not see any Health or Ammo droids but they are there. This is also a great place for sniping as it looks over the battlefield.