Walking on Top of Station OutsideEdit

This glitch requires you to be the Jet Trooper. This also requires the Invulnurability Cheat, so it's not really useful in an actual game. To begin, head outside from Command Post 6. Follow the left side until you come to the outside of the large, outer circular center room. Head to the corner, near command post 5, between the outer circle and the tunnel connecting Command Posts 5 and 6. Face it, stand back a few steps, and rocket up to the top. You should be able to land on top. Now you can walk on top of the entire station, go behind the station, walk up the large mountains back there, shoot people in the center of the doughnut, fly into the corridors there, etc. However, if you do go in, you have to do the trick again. Also, you can fall inside the doughnut into a mine shaft like hole, which kills you.

There are also two other features when performing this glitch. First if you go out of the map far enough, you will come across a sheer cliffside. Second, once you slide down the cliff, search around a bit. Eventually you will come to a squarish hole. You will also be able to walk in space

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