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Select a character with an extra jumping ability such as a Jedi, Jet Trooper, Dark Trooper (Jet Trooper works the best here) and head to Command Post 2. From the command post, facing the main battle, head through the right side into the larger room and next to the ammo droid. Fly up through the ceiling, not hitting the arches. From there, you can fly on top of any other room, but not the corridors (unless you land on one of the arches) and shoot down into the corridors (but not rooms with solid ceilings). They cannot shoot back, and you have just singlehandedly owned the other side (if you fall off behind CP2 you can land next to it and keep it in your control). You can also take some Command Posts from above, without dropping down.


  • This does not work on the PC version. Only on the Console versions.