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Grenades are the most common secondary weapons in the games. They are small charges of an explosive that will detonate a couple of seconds after the grenade has been thrown. Due to gravity, when throwing a grenade, you will be more likely to have to aim the reticule above your target. Although not the most damaging explosive on the game, they are very popular and do enough damage for their purpose. For a normal Stormtrooper and Rebel Soldier, the grenade explodes a few seconds after contact with the ground. In Battlefront 1, grenades do not stick, with the exception of Concussion Grenades, but in Battlefront 2 they can adhere to vehicles and turrets.

There are other types of grenade in game that are not obtainable: these are the Radiation Grenade, launched from the Radiation Launcher, and the NPC EMP grenade and thermal detonators, fired from the Imperial and Republic Grenade Launchers, and EMP Launchers, also including the similar Wrist Rocket of the Super Battle Droid.

The Wrist Rocket used by the Super Battle Droid and The Fetts serves the same function as the grenade, however it is launched rather than thrown from the unit.

Technical Analysis[]

  • Grenades often give a talltell "tink-tink" that alert you of their presence.
  • AIs will normally yell at you or nearby AIs to move out of the way if you are likely near a grenade.
  • The best way to evade a grenade is to roll away.
  • Grenades explode faster in water.
  • There is a bug in the original Battlefront where the collide sound will spam nonsensically.
  • In the original Battlefront, the units are more likely to throw a grenade than their trigger-happy Battlefront II counterparts.
  • To score a hit with a grenade, make sure your enemy is distracted by your teammates, not you or your grenade.
  • The glow given by grenades is an indication of the type of grenade: red is a Thermal Detonator or a Cluster Grenade, yellow is a Concussion Grenade, green is a Radiation Grenade, and blue is an EMP Grenade.



  • All main units
  • Most non Jedi or Sith Heroes
  • Most Neutral units


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