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Health And Ammo Drops (or HAADs for short), commonly referred to as Pickups, are items that are sometimes dropped by killed units. Contrary to the name, HAADs do not necessarily replenish just Health or Ammunition but can also replenish Energy and affect damage metrics.

One HAAD will replenish the grenade supply along with one clip for the blaster rifle and restore the same amount of health as health canisters.

In order to pick up a HAAD, one simply needs to run over it to automatically pick it up. If the unit's health, ammo, equipment and/or energy is full, they will not be able to pick up the relevant HAAD to refill it.


Health and Ammo


There are five different types of HAADs. The last three only appear in Star Wars: Battlefront II, and aren't found as often.

  • Bacta Canister: Restore health
  • Ammunition Box: Refills ammunition
    • Combination HAAD (Image): Restore both health and ammo. These can be dropped by the Engineer Class.
  • Energy Canister: a yellow cylindrical item that completely fills the Energy bar
  • Rally Canister: a green cylindrical item that grants the user a temporary Rally bonus, reducing damage taken.
  • Rage Canister: a red cylindrical item that grants the user a temporary Rage bonus, increasing damage dealt.

Drop Rate[]

  • Killed regular units will most often drop either a Bacta Canister or an Ammo Box but can also occasionally drop Energy and Damage Resistance charges.
  • Defeated Heroes and Villains will drop either a Combination HAAD or a Damage Increase charge.
  • Engineers can use their Pickup dispensers to deploy (only) Combination HAADs but cannot replenish their HAADs from pickups

Tactical Analysis[]

There is no real tactical application of dropped HAADs except to use them as much as possible to gain an advantage over enemies. If low on health and/or ammo, try to scavenge more from HAADs.

In Multiplayer, when playing as an Engineer class, make sure to deploy HAADs for your allies as often as possible to heal and resupply them whenever possible.

Yellow cylinders that refill your energy are very useful for stealthing Bothan Spies as it allows them to stay invisible for longer. However, picking up the pickup may alert enemies to your location if they see it happening. If you're playing on the Empire team against other players and you see an Energy pickup on the ground, keep a look out for Bothan Spies or pick up the drop so that they can't use it.


  • HAADs are sometimes called "snack packs" by Battlefront players.