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Health Droids, also known as Medical Droids, are droids sprinkled throughout the maps that look like a bluish gray cylinder with little arms sticking out of it. They are almost always accompanied by nearby ammo droids. When you get close enough to one, your unit will flash blue, and his/her health will slowly be replenished. They are very handy in combat, as they can be the only way to heal the player besides health packs. You can

Medical Droid

My 3D model for the Medical Droid

find them in offshoots of areas likely to be traversed by infantry, as well as with the occasional Ammo Droid. Health Droids are fixed with Fusion Cutters when needed. It takes 3 seconds to fully repair them.


Fixing a Health Droid.

In Hero Assault on Tatooine: Mos Eisley, they will give heroes and villains health, since they are the primary class. However, they only gain a small bit of health each second, unlike soldiers, who get bars of health each second. This is because they have higher health than soldiers, meaning it will take longer to heal.


Stormtrooper getting healed by a Health Droid.

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  • Pilots/Engineers are able to repair the Health Droid if it is damaged, along with the other droids.
  • The health droid is based off the FX-series medical droid, as seen in the Empire Strikes Back.
  • The health droid gives players health a lot slower in the spinoff games than the original Battlefront games.

    A destroyed Health Droid.