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Heavy Ship Cannon
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Ship Cannon

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Rate of Fire:

Slow (1 continous beam)




Particle Cannon

The Heavy Ship Cannons are extremely useful and powerful ship-mounted weapons. They provide heavy firepower. They are usually placed nearby the hangar bays (Providence-class Destroyer), or are mounted on top of the ship itself (Republic Attack Cruiser). The Imperial Star Destroyer has one usually on the port side hangar bay. side, and on the Mon Calamari cruiser there is one located on each side. In the campaign version there are four that need to be destroyed to finish your objectives.


The Heavy Ship Cannons take on the appearance of a DBY-827 Dual Turbolaser. However, the main difference between the DBY-827 and the Heavy Ship Cannons is that the Heavy Ship Cannons fire energy beams, while the DBY-827 fires energy particles, not beams. The other big difference is that the DBY-827 has three settings: Stun, Kill, and Incinerator, which will destroy whatever it hits. They are used primarily for Ship to Ship Combat, but in the Battlefront variant, they are used to protect the Hangar Bays. Using the cannons for that purpose is a good choice but not usually preferred. Due to its massive size and slow rotation speed, these turrets are normally flanked by laser cannons to prevent bombing runs. These are easy but hard to take down due to the firepower. Originally in the game the Cruisers had about 6 of these cannons. This can be seen on multiple original screenshots before it was cut from the final version of the game.


  • The Heavy Ship Cannons on the Xbox version of Battlefront 2 are actually a turbolasers.
  • In Star Wars: Episode III the Heavy Ship Cannons have turbolasers but not in Star Wars Battlefront II for PC PS2 and PSP, those versions only have beam cannons.
  • In the PS2 version, the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser is the only ship other than the Providence-class Destroyer to have 4. But a glitch can happen during the campaign when trying to destroy all the turbolasers where the 'front left Heavy Ship Cannon' can be invincible. If this glitch happens you fail the mission.