On Star Wars: Battlefront II, Mos Eisley (and other maps through Xbox live patch), has a mode called " Hero Assault", but it is not the same Assault you find on the space maps. Instead of a space battle, you will find yourself battling with the Heroes available from the game with the two sides heroes and villians. Yes, all the heroes are here for the taking. You can see all the battles you've longed for in the movies: Yoda vs. General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker vs. Han Solo, even Princess Leia vs. Darth Maul. The game is scored like the regular Assault, but ends up playing like a Conquest, except for the inability to take over Command Posts. All in all, Assault on Mos Eisley is very fun, and online games played in this mode will be filled with players.

Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

In Elite Squadron there is a similar mode called Heroes vs. Villains, it is identical to the above except it's era specific.