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Hero Blast was a cut 12 player game mode that was set to be playable in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It was apparently intended to be a game mode for owners of the Season Pass. Although the game mode never officially went live, players on the PC platform were able to unlock it using mods and set up private matches.


Hero Blast was similar to the Hero Assault mode from the original Star Wars: Battlefront II and Blast mode in DICE’sStar Wars Battlefront except that, rather than playing as infantry, all players were one of the heroes or villains, which were picked at the beginning of the match.

The objective of the game mode, like in Blast, was for the 6 player team to collectively reach 50 kills in 10 minutes, which were displayed in a counter at the top of the screen. The first team to do so would win. Hero Blast was essentially a team deathmatch mode but with heroes and villains rather than troopers; while scrapped from Battlefront this concept would come to fruition in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II in the Siege of Kamino Update, which reworked that game's Heroes vs. Villains to use a team deathmatch mode.


Hero Blast was set to be playable on: