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The Imperial Royal Guard in the streets of Cloud City.

Hero Bodyguards are elite soldiers that can spawn next to certain heroes or villains in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront.

Princess Leia Organa, Emperor Palpatine, and, as of the Rogue One: Scarif Update, Director Krennic are the only heroes who have this ability, and only two players can spawn on them as bodyguards at a time.


Much like the heroes, these units can't regenerate their health. Leia and Palpatine's bodyguards have 300 health while Director Krennic's bodyguards have 200 health. The hero bodyguards' melee attack has a low melee lunge and deals standard damage. Bodyguards cannot use hero health pickups. One feature the bodyguard has which gives it an advantage over any other unit is that they cannot stagger; if you are an Imperial Royal Guard or Honor Guard, and are hit with a lightsaber or Leia's trooper bane, you will remain in the position you were in when you got hit.

Both the Imperial Guard and Honor Guard have the Homing Shot and Smart Rocket as their fixed asset cards, which take a long time to regenerate. Director Krennic's bodyguards both are equipped with the DLT-19 heavy blaster and have a thermal imploder and smart rocket as their fixed asset cards. There is a maximum of two Honor Guards at a time, however, there is an exploit where if the Hero, Leia or Palpatine die while there are still two body guards on the field and then re-spawn, two more body guards may be spawned. The best way to eliminate the guards is to fire a Smart Rocket off at them. Another tactic is the costly swarm, as the bodyguard will generally not be able hold off more than four soldiers on their own, as they do not have the ability to jump pack away, and cannot survive a flanking attack. But be warned if there is another enemy bodyguard or trooper, as you will have the trouble of fighting a deadly bodyguard, along with possibly more than one enemy trooper on the rear or on the flanks.


The Rebel Honor Guard spawn on Princess Leia Organa. Their appearance is based on Alderaan's Honor Guard as seen in A New Hope.

The Imperial Royal Guards spawn on Emperor Palpatine. Their appearance is based on their iconic red cloaks and helmets as seen in Return of the Jedi and subsequent films.

Added in the Rogue One: Scarif DLC, Death Troopers spawn on Director Krennic. Death Troopers are unique in that they are equipped with a Thermal Imploder, Cooling Cell and Smart Rocket instead of the regular Homing Shot and Smart Rocket used by Leia and Palpatine's bodyguards.


  • The Death Troopers are the only Hero Bodyguard to have a Charge Card in their Hand.


Rogue One: Scarif Update

Bespin Update

Outer Rim Update

  • Princess Leia's Honor Guard and Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard can now only spawn two times in Heroes vs. Villains.