Hero Hunt is a game mode featured in Star Wars Battlefront.


This "Hunter and Hunted" or "Cat-and-Mouse" style game mode pits a single Hero character against seven other players on the opposing team. The Hero must stay alive as long as possible and kill attacking pursuers to score points. Once a pursuer kills the Hero, the round ends and the players that dealt the most damage will be granted a chance to become the next Hero and score points by killing attacking enemies on the next round.

Any points scored by killing attacking enemies as one of the heroes will count towards the player's score total. The player with the most points at the end of the match will win.

Every round starts when the hero spawns and lasts until the hero is vanquished, after which a new hero is chosen and the next round begins. This process will repeat until the match timer expires. Once the match timer reaches 00:00, the match will end once that round ends.

On Sullust or Endor, the hunters are Rebels and hunt down Imperial heroes while on Tatooine and Hoth, the hunters are Imperials who are hunting down Rebel heroes.

When the gamemode was first introduced, the player that dealt the killing blow to the hero would be automatically designated as the next hero and would spawn as a random hero after a short period of time.

Later, the hero choosing mechanism was revamped. In the current build, the round ends when the hero is vanquished and the players that dealt the most damage to the hero will have their names placed onto a Wheel of Fate, with the size of a given player's sector depending on the amount of damage dealt. The wheel is them spun, after which it will gradually slow down util it stops completely, eventually coming to a stop on one of the sections. The player whose section the wheel landed on will become the next hero and will get to choose a hero for the next round.


  • Hero Hunt is one of the few modes that hasn't been featured in an expansion pack playlist.
  • It has had to go through multiple iterations introduced through patches that have shaped it into the mode it is today.
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