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Hero Pickups are assets in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that are only available in certain game modes such as Walker Assault, Supremacy, Extraction, Sabotage, Battle Station, and Infiltration.

When activated, the player will get to choose any hero or villain depending on what team they are on. In Infiltration, players can only choose Orson Krennic or Jyn Erso.


SoroSuub Refinery[]

The Hero Pickup for the Rebels appears in front of the player where they first spawn during the beginning of the game mode (Note that only two hero pickups spawn in Extraction). The second Rebel hero pickup spawns in the plus-like gap in a lava fault sometimes in the middle or near the start, when the shipment passes the first extraction point, however, after it does, the first Imperial hero pickup will spawn just somewhere around the second extraction point. The second Imperial hero pickup will spawn at a nearby cave-like tunnel near the last extraction point at the right side.

Jabba's Palace[]

For the Rebels, the hero pickup spawns just moments or seconds after the shipment moves. It appears near the stairs on the left interior, or sometimes appears beside a fully trapezoid shaped cargo hiding from view but its logo is shown, or it spawns in the right interior near an empty door pocket. The second one appears beside the shipment after reaching the first extraction point or near some tables at the closer left corner. For the Imperials, a hero pickup can spawn in the right interior in a hallway near some tables or in the middle of the hall, sometimes it can spawn near the corner of a wall. The second Imperial hero pickup spawns outside when the shipment reaches the last checkpoint outside depending how the team plays, it spawns in the left exterior near some piles of stones.