Hero Showdown is a 4-player game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that pits a team of two Light Side heroes against two Dark Side heroes in elimination-style rounds.

This mode was introduced as part of The Han Solo Season.

Objective Edit

Two teams of two players, either on the Light Side or the Dark Side as Heroes or Villains, respectively, must try to eliminate the other team in order to win a round. A maximum of five rounds are played out. Once a team wins a majority (three of the five rounds), that team will win the match. After each round ends, the winning team of that round can no longer choose from the heroes or villains that they played to win that round, forcing players to play with the other heroes and villains in the roster.

Maps Edit

Hero Showdown can be played on the following maps:

Updates Edit

May 21, 2018

Han Solo Season Update

  • Added.

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