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This page is about the game mode. For the list of hero ships, see Heroes and Villains.

Hero Starfighters is an 8-player mode DICE's in Star Wars Battlefront II. A starfighter game mode, it focuses on dogfights between the hero and villain ships in the game.[1][2] It was introduced in the Hero Starfighters Update.



In Hero Starfighters, teams of four players spawn as one of the available hero or villain starfighters on their respective side. It features all hero and villain starfighters regardless of the era they were flown in, and the teams are divided among the Light Side and the Dark Side, much like in Heroes vs. Villains and Hero Showdown. The two teams then engage in a dogfight; every time a hero or villain starfighter is defeated, that player respawns as one of the normal Fighters, Interceptors, or Bombers. Any Fighter, Interceptor, and Bomber ship can be played regardless of era. The first team to defeat all the enemy hero or villain starfighters wins.


Hero Starfighters can be played on these maps:


Hero Starfighters Update

  • Added.