This page is about the game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. For the category of game modes, see Heroes and Villains (game modes). For the game mode in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II, see Hero Assault.

Heroes vs. Villains is a category of game modes featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II that centers around combat between the heroes and villains of the games.

DICE's Star Wars BattlefrontEdit


This game mode features all hero and villain characters from the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. Teams of six must keep their three heroes or villains (four in the Outer Rim variant) alive while destroying the enemy heroes or villains of the other team. The heroes or villains are supported by infantry. For heroes and villains that have bodyguards, they are limited to two spawns only.

This game mode is round-based. The first team to win five rounds will win the match. During the game, players play either as a hero, a villain, or a soldier on the battlefield as they try to destroy the enemy team's heroes or villains. Whenever a player playing as a hero or villain dies, they respawn as a soldier. The first team to defeat the enemy team's heroes or villains earns a point. Each round swaps out those who play as a hero or villain and a soldier.

There is a timer that is present throughout the game mode. The timer for the players choosing of a character lasts for 30 seconds, after which the game will automatically assign you one if you have not chosen a character. The time to kill the enemy team is a total of 3 minutes. The first team to kill all of the enemy heroes/villains will win. If the three minutes is up and there are still heroes and villains left on both sides, the round will end and whichever side has the most characters remaining will win. If the teams have an equal amount of heroes left the 3 minutes, the round will be considered a draw.


Heroes vs. Villains can be played on the following maps:


DICE's Star Wars Battlefront IIEdit


In Star Wars Battlefront II, Heroes vs. Villains has been redesigned from the previous version. This game mode now features heroes and villains only with no supporting infantry soldiers or bodyguards, with heroes and villains from all eras being selectable, regardless of which era of the Star Wars films they originate from, and are divided among the Light Side and the Dark Side.

The match is fought by two teams of four players each. All players are able to choose from a roster of all the heroes and villains in the game, though only one of each character can be present at any given time.

Both teams start with 35 points and every time a player is taken out, their team loses one point. The goal is to drain the enemy team's point score by eliminating their heroes. It is very similar to Blast, as well as the cut Hero Blast from Star Wars Battlefront and Hero Assault from the original Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Prior to the Siege of Kamino Update, Heroes vs. Villains was run with a "target system." Periodically throughout the round, one random living player would be designated as a "VIP" or target. In order to score a point, each team had to hunt down and eliminate the opposing team's target while protecting their own. The first target to die would cause the opposing team to gain a point and remove the target status from the surviving target. After that, new targets would be designated and the cycle would repeat. The first team to earn 10 points would win.



Siege of Kamino Update

  • Overhauled mechanics: replaced "target system" with collective "team eliminations system" similar to Blast.

General Grievous Update

  • Fixed issues that allowed multiple players to spawn with the same Hero in Heroes Vs. Villains. Among other fixes, the "Change Character" button is now immediately unavailable after a death to prevent this.


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