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"Plodding AT-AT walkers advance toward the Rebel position under air cover as Rebel defenders try to hold the position."
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Outpost Delta is a multiplayer land map in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that is set on Hoth. The map includes snowy trenches, icy caves, and the Rebel Base.


In the first phase, Imperial snowtroopers must escort two AT-AT walkers deployed by Gozanti cruisers towards the identified Rebel base, traversing through icy caves and mountainous terrain while under fire by Rebel forces, including Rebel troops, defensive emplacements like cannons, and vehicles, including snowspeeders. Rebel forces must use ion disruptors and fire them at the AT-AT walkers, triggering a period of time during which the hit walker or walkers are vulnerable and can be damaged by other arms. Rebel troops must fire upon the walkers with ion disruptors and destroy them before they reach the final checkpoint.

If any AT-AT walker reaches the final checkpoint, then it blasts open the respective gate it reached protecting the Rebel base, beginning the second phase and allowing Imperial troops to rush in through the breach. However, if one of the walkers are destroyed before reaching the final checkpoint, then the gate it was approaching is left intact, and Imperial troops must find another way in. Through the gates are two capture points that Imperial troops must secure in order to push the Rebel forces back deeper into their base.

If both control points are captured, then the third phase begins. Imperial forces pursue the Rebel troops further back into their base and must plant explosives on three objectives in order to ground the Rebels and prevent them from escaping in evacuation transports. Imperial troops must defend the planted explosives as they charge up for detonation while Rebel troops can disarm them. If all three charges go off, then the Empire wins. If any of the three charges fail to explode, then the Rebels are able to evacuate Hoth and win.



Supremacy takes place in the trenches of the first phase. Somewhat small and chaotic. Good for sniping as well as close quarters combat.

Co-Op Missions[]

Instant Action[]


Takes place within second phase hangars. Rebels wear their snow outfits and this is the only map that snowtroopers are available on.


Takes place in the Rebel Hangar. Lots of places for cover.

Galactic Assault[]

"The Empire has found a secret Rebel base on Hoth. They launch a full-scale assault across the frozen wastes, hoping to prevent their enemies from escaping...."
— In-game description

Plodding AT-AT walkers advance toward the Rebel position under air cover as Rebel defenders and their screen of T-47s try to hold the position.[1] On this map, the Galactic Empire are the attackers and the Rebel Alliance are the defenders.

In phase one, the Rebels must attack the Empire's AT-ATs using ion disruptors scattered around the map, before they can breach their base's hangar doors. If the AT-ATs reach the base, the second phase commences. Here, the Empire must capture both the East and West Hangars of Outpost Delta in order to advance further into the base. The final phase sees the Empire attempting to sabotage three objectives: the Fuel Station, Fuel Depot and Fuel Pipes. Once accomplished, the Rebel transports will be grounded and there can be no escape.

Heroes vs. Villains/Hero Showdown[]

Takes place within the ice caves of the third phase and the back hangar of the fourth, a lot of ledges and drops which makes the force push a very useful ability.


"An Imperial Strike team manages to infiltrate the Rebel Base. Their goal is to sabotage the dangerous Ion Cannon threatening the Imperial fleet...."
— In-game description

The Galactic Empire must sabotage both the Ion Cannon Control and Ion Cannon Targeting. The Rebel Alliance must defend them until the Imperial reinforcement count runs out.


Vehicles on Hoth for both sides include:

Rebel Alliance[]

Galactic Empire[]


  • Tauntaun (On the field, usable for both Rebels and Empire)





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