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Hoth Battles Loading Screen

There is a map set on Hoth that can be played in the Battles set of game modes in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. Always at sunset, this map features several snowy hills and three caves of various sizes along with an Imperial Lambda-class shuttle unloading Imperial supplies.


Available only in Battles and Hero Battles, this unnamed Hoth map features many diverse areas that promote different styles of play. One side of the map is mountainous and rocky with several vantage points that overlook the map, leveling out to a small Imperial landing zone with crates and bins that leads to an even flatter area before finally dropping off to reveal a stunning Hoth vista. There are two caves and one larger underground cave system with multiple entry points that resembles the cave system seen on Ice Caves.


The Jump Pack is a good Star Card for moving between the snowy hills and evading enemies. Long-range weapons like the T-21 Heavy Blaster or T-21B Targeting Rifle are good weapons to use at the top of hills because approaching enemies can be eliminated from far away. In the larger cave system, several enemies can be lured into it at once and dispatched quickly with weapons like the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster or, for Hero Battles, Luke Skywalker's Force Push ability or Emperor Palpatine's Chain Lightning ability.