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Human 12 is one of thirteen human head Appearances available for the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront.


Human 12 has four variations: Helmet, Helmet Beard, Long Top, and Long Top Beard. In the Death Star Update, which overhauled the game's customization system, the ability to pair these variations with different bodies was added. In total, including all planetary defaults for the Rebel Soldier body Appearance, there are 36 unique head-and-body combinations for Human 12.

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Icon Head Unlock Rank Cost Faction
Human 12 - Eli - Helmet Icon Helmet None None Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire
Human 12 - Eli - Helmet Beard Icon Helmet, Beard None None Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire
Human 12 - Eli - Long Top Icon Long Top Rank 15 1,700 Credits Rebel Alliance
Human 12 - Eli - Long Top Beard Icon Long Top, Beard Rank 15 1,700 Credits Rebel Alliance


Icon Body Unlock Rank Cost Faction
Rebel Soldier Body Icon Rebel Soldier None None Rebel Alliance
Bespin Wing Guard Body Icon Bespin Wing Guard Rank 65 20,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
X-Wing Pilot Body Icon X-Wing Pilot Rank 75 25,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
Rebel Officer Body Icon Rebel Officer Rank 85 30,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
Death Star Trooper Body Icon Death Star Trooper Rank 80 25,000 Credits Galactic Empire
Imperial Officer Body Icon Imperial Officer Rank 90 30,000 Credits Galactic Empire



Death Star Update

  • Appearance: With the arrival of the Imperial Officers, the certification for Stormtroopers to remove their helmets in combat has been withdrawn.
    • Removed Human 12 Long Top and Long Top, Beard options for the Galactic Empire



Body and head combinations[]