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"Migrant by nature or perhaps necessity, humans fearlessly explored the vastness of space to find places they could call their own under their own terms, making them the most predominant species in the galaxy. While the planet they originally hail from is still debated, the Core World Coruscant is widely considered the human homeworld. Rising from the ashes of the Empire, the First Order initially consisted of former Imperial personnel. To fill the ranks of their army, human infants were taken from their homeworlds and brought up to fight in the name of the Supreme Leader."
— In-game description

Human First Order 02 is a Common appearance for the First Order's Officer class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. This skin costs 5,000 Credits or 150 Crystals to unlock.


The character in this appearance is an aged white female brunette with a short bun tied in the back of her hair. She dons the traditional outfit for First Order combat Officers.


Han Solo Season Update

  • Description added.

Night on Endor Update

  • Added.

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