"Based on the slimmer vulture droid design, Heyana Droids are automated starfighters equipped for heavy ordnance bombing runs."
— In-game Description

The Hyena-class Bomber, also known as a Hyena Droid, is a starfighter in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that functions as the Separatists' Bomber class. It can be played in the game modes Starfighter Assault, Hero Starfighters, and most Galactic Assault maps.

Additionally, on Clone Wars era maps in Starfighter Assault, AI-controlled Hyena-class Bombers will occasionally perform bombing runs on capital ship objectives.


2,000 ( no shields)

Overview Edit

This vehicle is armed with proton bombs, proton torpedoes, concussion missiles, and two light laser cannons, which can deal heavy damage to enemy targets. It handles and behaves similarly to the TIE/sa Bomber, as they share the same abilities.

Abilities Edit

The Hyena bomber has three abilities to use:

  • Electronic Countermeasures: Activates electronic countermeasures that break and prevent targeting and missile locks for a short period of time.
  • Multi-Missile Lock: Instantly locks onto and fires a missile at up to 3 different targets in front of the player.
  • Dual Proton Torpedoes: Fires two missiles simultaneously which track the locked target and deal high damage.

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