The IQA-11 is a sniper rifle available to the Specialist class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.

Field PerformaceEdit

The IQA-11 is a very powerful sniper rifle. It is able to kill all the default trooper classes in two headshots.

  • Damage - High
  • Zoom Level - Good (Dual Zoom improves this)
  • Cooling Power - Poor
  • Rate of Fire - Slow
  • Range - Long
  • Recoil - Moderate
Dual Zoom
Allows IQA-11 to toggle between two different magnification levels
Bolt Speed
Increases the speed of the IQA-11's bolts, allowing the user to not have to predict as much for targets at a range
Improved Cooling
Allows IQA-11 to fire two additional shots before having to cool
Damage 67
Range No damage drop-off
Overheat 5 shots (0.2 heat per shot)


With the IGA-11's high damage output. It's best to advise to get into a comfortable sniper position and take advantage of your Thermal Binoculars and lead your targets into a trap. The IQA-11 performs well against default sniper rifles, as well as the A280-CFE. The number of shots required three bodyshots or two headshots.


Using this blaster, it is likely you will be outmatched at close range. Avoid staying at ground level and avoid close range. You won't do much good in the open. One sniper rifle that can outmatch the IQA-11 in a sniper battle is the NT-242 which is capable of one-shot headshots on all default classes

id This is a recommended Loadout of this weapon. Use it if you wish.

Recommended LoadoutEdit

To make the best use of the IQA-11, you'll want to be stealthy and have your position concealed at all times.

  • Star Card #1 - Stealth: Staying hidden on the scanners is an essential card if you want to keep your position concealed from nearby enemies lurking around.
  • Star Card #2 - Marksman: Headshots will reset your current heat buildup which is good. You'll want to keep your sights up and your weapon ready to kill the next target.
  • Star Card #3 - Scramble Infiltration: This card when active will scramble enemy scanners in the nearby radius. If you supect that someone is sneaking around or you want to flank someone without being spotted, use this ability and no one will be able to detect you on their scanners.

Now for the IQA-11 modifications.

  • Mod #1 - Dual Zoom: With two magnification levels, you can switch between the IQA-11 default and Increased zoom. This will allow for better mid-long ranged engagements.
  • Mod #2 - Bolt Speed: While the damage drop off is small, Bolt Speed will ensure that the large damage the IQA-11 has will carry over even the longest distances. This works great with Dual Zoom because of the fact that Bolt Speed will keep bolt damage over even the longest distances.


The IQA-11 is a powerful gun with the capability of killing most of the default classes with two headshots. Avoid close range environments with the IQA-11 and if you do find yourself in an undesirable situation at close range, switch to your EE-4 (Scramble Infiltration) and take care of targets that get too close for comfort. Also, always make use of your Thermal Binoculars to set up traps and line up shots to be the most effective sniper on your team.

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