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Immobilized is a status effect in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that restricts the player's movement. It can only be inflicted by Kylo Ren.

Effect on player[]

When the player is Immobilized:

  • The player's movement will be restricted
  • The player will be unable to use their weapon or their abilities
  • The player's screen will have a gray scale filter and the corners of the screen will darken

After a short duration, the status effect will automatically go away. If the player receives damage while Immobilized, the status effect is removed immediately.


The player can tell when enemies are Immobilized by the following indicators:

  • The word "IMMOBILIZED" will appear above the enemy
  • The enemy will be frozen slightly above the ground in a tense position

Caused by[]

Immobilized is caused by the following unit abilities:


Immobilized can be prevented by:

  • Dodging at the moment Kylo Ren uses his ability

Additionally, using Yoda's Presence will remove the status effect from friendly allies.


Although the Immobilize status effect is exclusive to Kylo Ren, it shares many similarities to the standard stun abilities that other heroes posses such as Lando Calrissian's Shock Disabler or Captain Phasma's Sentry Droid. This status effect is best used either on large groups of enemies, allowing Kylo Ren to dispatch them quickly with a follow-up from his Frenzy ability, or on low-health heroes who might try to get away in order to heal.