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The Imperial Officer is a body Appearance for the Galactic Empire in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It can be purchased for 30,000 Credits once the player reaches Rank 90. The player can choose whether their Imperial Officer is male or female.

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  • Alongside Death Star Troopers, Imperial Officers replaced the customization that allowed for "helmetless stormtroopers."
  • There is no armored variant for the Imperial Officer regardless of the map that the skin is equipped on.
  • Imperial Officers were first seen in A New Hope and reappear in all subsequent films in the original trilogy. Drafted from recruits trained at specialized academies, Imperial Officers are expected to be loyal, highly ambitious, and fully supportive of the Empire's political ideas, such as the subjugation of alien, non-human species.
    • This xenophobia is realized in-game as well, where only humans head Appearances can be used to customize the Imperial Officer body.


Death Star Update

  • Added.


Head combinations[]